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My Daughter the Terrorist – NAT bares the role played by the Norwegian Government

Oslo, 08 September, ( Norwegian Against Terrorism bares the role played by Norwegian Government in funding and assisting in the production of the LTTE propaganda film – My Daughter the Terrorist.

In its recent monthly report, NAT revealed that Norwegian Government in 2005 funded Ms. Beate Arnestad , the producer of the LTTE propaganda film, Norwegian Kroner 250,000 (US Dollars 50,000 ). Again, it has now come to light that Norwegian Government has granted the producer more funding in 2008.

NAT pointed out that the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs granted the documentary fund through the NORAD agency. "It seems to us this film was not only important for the LTTE, but also for the Norwegian MFA. The MFA wants to show the Norwegian people that they have funded a Christian separatist group and not a terrorist organization."

But the producer Ms. Beate Arnestad in her interview with pro-LTTE Tamil Net attempted to hide the fact that the documentary received funding from the Norwegian Government. In the interview, the producer said she was actually funded by the Norwegian “The free speech foundation”.

The movie was carefully scripted to target the Christian audience in Europe, Australia and America.

The use of two Catholic suicide cadres as the main theme of the film was no coincident. By this movie, Christians around the world have been duped into funding and supporting the TRO and other LTTE front organizations.

Normally LTTE has used churches for their fundraising and several Christian organizations have assisted the LTTE in raising funds for its terrorist’s activities.

The Norwegian funded propaganda movie about the LTTE Black Tigers is used by the LTTE to raise funds and to justify the horrific terror its commits in Sri Lanka.

Today, LTTE is making the maximum use of the documentary for fundraising and propaganda purposes.

In the meantime, according to the NAT, producers of the movie admitted that they applied for visa to Sri Lanka government claiming that they wanted to make a documentary about Tsunami and its effects.

In the meantime the producers had already made arrangements with the LTTE for the filming of My Daughter the Terrorist in the LTTE occupied areas.

In fact assisted by the Norwegian Government authorities, the filming team was smuggled into the LTTE controlled area in Vanni to help the worst terrorist organization known to mankind to make a propaganda film.

- Asian Tribune -

We being Christians, are

We being Christians, are really sorry & worry that our Church leadership
hardly express our feelings and ideas. It seems they dont care what we christians think
on our motherland. It seems they are playing a role already determined and instructed.

Christians could demonstrate against Norochcholei Power plant (I'm also against it, not because
it is harmful to St Anne's Church or something else but Coal is not available in our motherland
for that also we have to be slaves one day). We could gather and protest for it which has good

Some reverend sirs are misusing his powers to blame the legitimate government without saying one word against illegitimate terrorists. This naked support to terrorism, is highly castigated and critizised by us, Sri Lankan Christians.

Unfortunately, real sri lankan christians are voiceless or our voice is not sound enough.

Sri Lanka is still waiting for a good Sri Lankan Lay Christian Leader who will make a big voice on behalf of the real patriotic sri lankan christians

Dilip Fernando

President Rajapaksa, I hope,

President Rajapaksa, I hope, will take note of these Anti-Sri Lanka activities of the Norwegian government and never trust that country, again, to play the role of facilitator if there ever were to be an occasion to hold talks with the LTTE. I also hope that chief culprit in this sordid affair, Eric Soleheim, will never be allowed to set foot on Sri Lankan soil again. The immigration authorities should be empowered to deport him if ever he tries to come to Sri Lanka, even in the guise of a tourist.

Jinnah Compensation It is



It is evident that certain governments either directly or through their proxy - INGO/NGO are involved in de-stabilizing a democratically elected government. Further they seem to be helping to divide the country and challenging its sovereignity. In the process, these countries have supported the killings of thousands of innocent civilians, destroying the infrastructure of the country,damaging the environment and destroying the forest cover. As the Sri Lankan Defence Forces move into the terror dens, they may find even more material evidence to support the involvement of external agencies, including the UN ( rather the UN staff worked in those areas rather than a UN as an organisation).

The Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka should explore legal options available to charge these agencies to seek compensation for the damages done to the life, property and the lost revenues to the country. It will be an unprecedented event with all the likely hood of winning the case while exposing the true nature of these countries including Norway. Further, as a member of the UN it should mobilise other member countries to adopt apropriate targeted resolution(s) to avoid such incidences in future, leading to check and balances of INGO/NGOs which are fast spreading like a cancer in many developing countries.

Shame on these MAFIA

Shame on these MAFIA countries!

Thank you the Asian Tribune

Thank you the Asian Tribune (and also the NAT) for having the courage to bring forth the role the Norwegian Government has played using its tax payers money in promoting terrorism. These oil sheiks of the northern hemisphere is promoting terrorism in Sri Lanka (and in Africa too) just as the the oil sheiks in Saudi Arabia is promoting another vile and extreme form of Islam called Wahabism in the rest of world.