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Last modified on: 4/24/2009 7:42:42 PM Civilians expose LTTE treachery: Foreign media stunned with revelations

Civilians expose LTTE treachery: Foreign media stunned by revelations

Foreign media crew and journalists who were provided access this morning (April 24) to the recently liberated Puthumathalan area inside the declared No Fire Zone have expressed their surprise at what were cited as 'startling revelations' made by civilian hostages rescued from LTTE clutches since Monday(20).

The reporters were taken from Kilinochchi to Puthumathalan and provided with necessary assistance to gain first hand information on the unfolding ground situation, with LTTE nearing total defeat after 3 decades. The group of journalists also witnessed rising smoke in the distance caused due to explosions from heavy mortar bombs mounted by LTTE terrorists further south. According to latest military reports, LTTE terrorists are now boxed inside a swathe of land further South of the NFZ at Vellamullivaikkal.

Hostages rescued from LTTE have expressed their disdain over the terrorist outfit, which has been proscribed earlier by the EU and many countries including the US for the use of child soldiers, women suicide bombers, village massacres, bus bombings, systemized genocide of both ethnic Muslims and Sinhalese. Civilian escapees have revealed the bitter truth to the media persons of brutal assaults, torture, forced arms training, child conscription and many more crimes perpetrated by LTTE.

The media crew also confirmed that security forces have exhibited utmost restraint from any indirect fire, heavy artillery or mortar attacks at LTTE now cornered in a swathe of land in the Southern tip of the NFZ.

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