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* UNICEF Offers Psycho-physical Therapy to Displaced Vanni Civilians::
[Friday, March 20, 2009, 09:06 pm SL Time]

A Three-Member UNICEF team, including its Vanni Head pledged their organization’s cooperation to upgrade psycho-physical well-being of children and women, housed in Relief Villages and IDP centers when the delegation met Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander, Security Forces, Vanni Friday (20) morning.

UNICEF delegates, led by Mr. Igulu, Vanni UNICEF Head during this special meeting offered UNICEF’s continued assistance for rehabilitation of traumatized and injured women and children after they underwent atrocities under the LTTE grip and also the treatment of them for different long-term illnesses, such as cancer and other terminal diseases. Those officials also wanted to learn of the military arrangements in place for such therapeutic procedures in the IDP centers, as the number of women and children arriving in cleared areas was fast on the increase, as at present.

Major General Jayasuriya clarifying the military stance on the offer welcomed such cooperation and assured all possible security arrangements to the UNICEF once the intended programme is projected and evaluated before its implementation. He also maintained that all such moves are welcome as long as they do not affect national security interests.

The delegation is to take up the project shortly after one more round of discussions in Vanni. Ms. Barbera and one more lady representative from UNICEF were associated in the brief meeting.

* Troops March on Recovering More & More LTTE Weapons::
[Friday, March 20, 2009, 09:05 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU & EAST: ARMY troops advancing further interior into PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU confronted pockets of Tiger terrorists in the general areas of AMPALAVANPOKKANAI, PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU east and MULLAITTIVU north during Thursday (19) causing heavy damages to the terrorists.

Search operations that followed confrontations found eleven dead Tiger terrorists, eighteen T-56 weapons, eighty-six hand grenades, five repeater shotguns and six radio sets from PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area.

Meanwhile, troops conducted search operations in UDAYARKATTU area and recovered 160 kg of gun powder on Thursday (19).

On the same day, another search operation in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area recovered two 60mm mortar bombs, one 12.7 barrel, one Improvised Mortar Launcher, two mortar launchers, one Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) one tripod, three 60mm mortar barrels, one 60mm bipod and two mortar base plates. In the meantime, troops captured a terrorist camp and recovered eight T-56 weapons and two I-com sets from the same area on Thursday (19).

Moreover, troops conducted search operations in VISUAMADU, CHUNDIKULAM, PULIMACHCHIMATTUKULAM and MANKULAM areas and recovered five hand grenades, one pouch, one RPG bomb, four LTTE made Arul bombs, one 81mm bomb, one RPG bomb, one T-56 weapon, one LTTE pack, one I-com set, one remote controller, one compass, one Olive Green (OG) uniform, seven detonators and seven booster chargers on Thursday (19).

Meanwhile, Special Task Force (STF) troops conducted a search operation in KANCHIKUDICHCHIARU area and recovered twenty-eight boxes of T-56 ammunition containing twenty-one thousand and fifty rounds (21,050) in them, seventy-seven anti personnel mines, two Rocket Propeller Grenades (RPG), one plastic can, filled with TNT explosives and one claymore mine Thursday (19).

* Army Medicos Save Infant’s Life Injured in LTTE Fire::
[Friday, March 20, 2009, 09:58 am SL Time]

Mullaittive: Timely intervention of an Army medical officer in Puthukkudiyiruppu, even at the risk of his own life, miraculously saved the life of a three-month old infant Thursday (19) morning when Tiger terrorists directed fire on fleeing civilians and harmed him.

The infant-boy in his mother’s hands was badly affected by LTTE gunfire, and started emitting blood after the baby’s stomach area was pierced by an LTTE bullet. The internal bleeding has turned worse by then, as the baby was fast losing consciousness when the mother was rushing her lovely baby to the troops in the near vicinity. Her weeping cries rent the air, bringing tears into eyes of everybody who were in the fleeing group.

An Army medical officer, well aware of the gravity of the situation and the internal bleeding immediately attended to him while seeping out blood, getting accumulated inside his belly area and treating him accordingly. His quick and essential medical therapy worked well and miraculously saved the life of the infant. He was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital by the Army along with his mother.

The affected mother and child in the company of some 525 other displaced civilians have been now cleared into government controlled areas by Thursday (19) mid-noon. From the early hours of Thursday (19) a total of 1272 displaced civilians after vacating Tiger- held areas had entered cleared areas by Thursday (19) afternoon, the VANNI reports confirmed. Almost all of them have waded through the lagoon areas for hours and crept into government-controlled cleared areas after escaping from the LTTE grip.

Five more civilians injured in the LTTE fire were also admitted hospitals after they entered the cleared areas.

* Twenty-nine More Escape & Reach Troops::
[Thursday, March 19, 2009, 11:49 am SL Time]

Mullaittive: Twenty-Nine more civilians, belonging to seven families were the latest group of fleeing Tamil civilians who reached the troops early Thursday (19) morning after escaping from LTTE grips Puthumathalan.

Thirteen men, ten women and six children of those seven families had managed to sail on a boat and reached the Army troops serving the area outside the ‘No Fire Zone’ Thursday (19) morning at about 6.30 a.m.

Those civilians were subsequently directed to the nearest IDP center after screening them for security reasons.

* "No Fire Zone" Turns to Mini-battle Field as Tiger Fire Displaced Civilians::
[Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 08:09 am SL Time]

Mullattive: Dozens of civilians, detained by Tiger in the “No Fire Zone” in PUTUMATALAN, PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU were reportedly either feared killed or seriously wounded Tuesday (17) after one densely concentrated civilian gathering area in the Zone was indiscriminately fired upon by irate Tiger gunmen over a heated argument that ensued, following a shoot-out at two fleeing civilians within the Zone earlier in the day, Army troops serving outside have been told.

The entire affected area plunged into a utter chaos and confusion within minutes as Tiger “Policemen” in the aftermath of the attack on two elderly civilians stormed the location, in order to suppress the ensuing public protest and the heated brawl that broke out as a result of the murder of those civilians, detained under them.

As the mammoth concentration of civilians swelled and turned unruly over the murders, Tiger “Policemen”, unable to bring the situation under control, have summoned armed Tiger carders, engaged in fighting against government troop in the close vicinity.

Reports confirmed furious Tiger gunmen rushed to the area afterwards and went on a shooting-spree aiming at those noisy moths who were still protesting and demanding the exit from the LTTE grip as the area cannot be further controlled due to rising public opposition and revulsion.

Ground sources claimed at least a few dozens of agitating displaced civilians were feared killed or badly injured when those Tiger gunmen indiscriminately strayed bullets into mobs who had turned violent after the murder of civilians.

Tiger gunmen in their remaining vehicles while guarding those restless and noisy civilians have who reportedly gone on surrounding them and firing at them indiscriminately in order to quell the mob-rioting in the “No Fire Zone”.

In the melee, a total of 1565 displaced civilians, some of who were also subjected to LTTE atrocities and gunfire have managed to run for life and ended in areas, controlled by government troops, the latest report said Tuesday (17) late evening.

* 139 More Civilians Escape::
[Tuesday, March 17, 2009, 01:19 pm SL Time]

Jaffna: One hundred and thirty-nine more fleeing from LTTE clutches aboard several locally manufactured boats reached the troops in POINT PEDRO, JAFFNA on Monday (16).

The group including forty-seven males, thirty-eight females, twenty-seven boys and twenty-seven girls had fled the LTTE-held PALAMATTHALAN area as LTTE atrocities on them intensified with the escalation of attacks on the LTTE. Those civilians have come in stages between 5.15 a.m.-9.10 p.m. Monday (16). Troops after giving them medical aid and refreshments conducted them to the nearest IDP centers.

* Seven Dead LTTEs Found After Clashes::
[Monday, March 16, 2009, 03:42 pm SL Time]

Mullaittive: AS time is fast running out for Tiger terrorists, they appear to be resorting to intensified assaults on the troops in PUTHUKUDIRIPPU area with a view to retaining their shrinking territory.

Scores of Tiger terrorists were killed and many more were seriously injured during Sunday (15) as a result of those gun battles. Several valiant soldiers injured in the fighting were directed to hospitals for treatment.

During search operations conducted subsequently in the affected areas, troops recovered seven dead bodies of LTTE terrorists, seven T-56 weapons, one I-com set, one smoke bomb, seven hundred and eighty firing devices, twenty-eight 80 mm mortar fuses, fourteen 60 mm mortar fuses and nine hundred rounds of 9 mm ammunition.

* LTTE Claims the Life of Nine year Old Boy Fleeing Un-Cleared Areas with Parents::
[Sunday, March 15, 2009, 07:37 pm SL Time]

JaffnaA: Barbarism of the LTTE terrorists was once again proved this morning (15) when they fired at some boats of the civilians who were fleeing the LTTE-held area in MULLAITTIVU and killed a small boy.

Sixty-seven civilians, according to them, had left the PUTHUMATTHALAN area in five boats to reach the cleared areas seeking protection against LTTE harassments.

Their secret movement in the darkness was smelled by the LTTE terrorists who pursued the flotilla and opened fire at the boats warning the civilians onboard to turn back.

However, the escapees ignored LTTE threat and continued their journey amidst the shower of terrorist gunfire and managed to reach cleared area of MUNAI where they were rescued by the security forces around 7.30 a.m. Sunday (15).

One boat with civilians onboard had gone missing during LTTE firing.

A nine-year old THAVANANAYAGAM THANUSHAN who sustained LTTE gunshot injuries in his head while sleeping in the lap of his mother RENUKA TAVANANAYAGAM was found dead.

His remains were sent to MANTHIKAI government hospital after the post mortem. Other IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons), fifteen boys, twenty three male adults, eleven girls and seventeen female adults, were sent to IDP centres elsewhere.

* Intense Fighting Eliminate more Terrorists::
[Saturday, March 14, 2009, 05:44 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: Intense Fighting continuing between the troops and terrorists in the east of PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU killed a number of terrorists by Friday (13) afternoon.

Search and clear operations that followed recovered eighteen dead bodies of LTTE terrorists, seventeen T-56 weapons, one I-com set and one Light Machine Gun (LMG).

During another search conducted the same day (13), troops recovered one female terrorist dead body, four T-56 weapons, two improvised underwater torpedoes, fourteen claymore mines, nine battery chargers, four anti tank mines, one switch, one bar mine and 15 kg of TNT explosive.

* They Beat Them Further & Collect Weaponry::
[Friday, March 13, 2009, 06:53 pm SL Time]

Mullattive: Troops of the 53, 58 Divisions and Task Force-VIII, penetrating further into Tiger strongholds in PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU east intensified their assaults on remaining Tigers Thursday (12) while eliminating scores of Tigers.

Search operations that pursued after clashes found two dead bodies, one RPG (Rocket Propeller Gun), fifteen T-56 weapons, one T-81 weapon, one Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) and two I-com sets from PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU area.

During the same day, 59 Division troops found one 81mm Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and one hand grenade from MULLAITTIVU area.

Meanwhile, one shot gun, four hand grenades and one electric mine were uncovered by Task Forces II, V and VI from the general areas of KOKAVIL and he southeast of POONERYN Thursday (12).

* Thirteen Top & Middle-rung Sea & Black Tigers Confirmed Killed::
[Thursday, March 12, 2009, 04:13 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: TOP and middle-rung Tiger terrorist leaders, now fighting tooth and nail to defend their rapidly shrinking final stronghold in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU appear to be meeting with their Waterloo one by one as time was fast running for the outfit.

Latest military intelligence as well as other technical sources on Thursday (12) confirmed scores of top and middle-rung Sea Tigers and Black Tigers have perished during ground confrontations in PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU and surrounding areas after Tigers directed artillery fire.

LTTE Head in charge of the Financial Division, SUBARATHNAM SELVATURAI alias THAMILENDI was confirmed killed and the story was reported late night on Wednesday (11). (See Situation News Highlight on 11th March 2009) The weekend fighting in the northeast of PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU where over 150 dead bodies of Tiger terrorists were found has also claimed the life of the Sea Tiger leader, 'Lieutenant Colonel' SALEEM, the fourth in the LTTE rank hierarchy. Sea Tiger SALEEM after serious injuries on 1st March 2009 in PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU has reportedly succumbed to injuries on Tuesday (10).

Two more Sea Tiger leaders, 'Lt Colonel' AMBALANAN and 'Lt Colonel' ELEEL CHELVAN, dispatched by PRABHAKARAN himself for ground battles against troops, have also lost their lives in the encounters.

One more leading Black Tiger, famous for suicidal missions, identified as 'Lieutenant Colonel' MARAN has also fallen dead during PUTHUKUDIRIPPU fighting on Monday (9).

Fighting also has eliminated Black Tigers, ‘Major’ TAMIL MARAN and ‘Captain’ KATHIER NILAVAN during same rounds of fighting in PUTHUKUDIRIPPU.

'Major' MALAR SHAMAL, 'Captain' ELAVILAN, 'Captain' KALAI KADIRAVAN and 'Captain' KALA ENIVAN who have also taken part in the offensives against the troops have perished during those clashes, reports confirmed.

* Troops Forge Ahead Despite Resistance::
[Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 04:25 pm SL Time]

Mullaittive: Despite stiff resistance, being offered by terrorists, now restricted to a demarcated area, valiant troops of the 55, 57, 58, 59 Divisions and Task Force-VIII continued their forward march in the past twenty-four hours, ending Wednesday (11) afternoon.

Heavy rounds of fighting in PUTHUKKUDUYIRUPPU, MULLIYAVELI, KUPPILANKULAM, PUTHUMATALAN and near MULLAITTIVU town caused damages to the enemy and recovered forty hand grenades, three T-56 weapons, two T-81 weapons, one LMG drum, three T-56 magazines, one belt order, 210 ammunition rounds of 9.6mm and 2 kg of C-4 explosives from those areas.

At least a dozen LTTE terrorists were killed and twenty-four were injured, ground troops confirmed.

Several soldiers sustained injuries during the fighting.

* Buried LTTE Aircraft Parts Uncovered::
[Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 04:24 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: THE continuing spate of recoveries of LTTE arms and ammunition, sophisticated equipment and more importantly their buried stocks amply proves how meticulously Tigers were equipped and what else would have been needed by them to destabilize this country.

Wednesday’s (11) uncovering of a stock of aircraft spare parts including aircraft tyres, batteries, engine parts and several other accessories, kept buried by Tigers in oil barrels from PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU northern areas came about as another startling recovery of the troops in the week.

* One More Batch of Civilians Takes Refuge in Jaffna::
[Wednesday, March 11, 2009, 04:18 pm SL Time]

Jaffna: Twenty-two more civilians fleeing LTTE grips in PUTHUKUDIRIPPU area have managed to arrive in VETTALKERNI area to the south of JAFFNA peninsula on Wednesday (11) morning.

The group, including eight males, six females, one boy and two girls have reportedly escaped the LTTE grip and received the help of a boat to arrive in JAFFNA for safety and protection.

Troops after providing them with snacks and refreshments took necessary steps to direct them to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) center for temporary housing.

* Several Politicians among the dead at the suicide blast::
[Tuesday, March 10, 2009, 04:20 pm SL Time]

MATARA: SEVERAL Pradeshiya Sabha members, Provincial Councilors, local politicians and former members of Parliament were among the seriously injured and killed following the suicide blast Tuesday (10) morning at GODAPITIYA, AKURESSA.

DEVINUWARA Pradeshiya Sabha Chairman LINTON ABEYDEERA, AKURESSA Pradeshiya Sabha vice-Chairman UPALI SARATHCHANDRA, KABURUPITIYA Pradeshiya Sabha vice-Chairman TILAK WIJESEKARA, ATHURALIYA Pradeshiya Sabha member ANURA WICKRAMASINGHE were among the dead so far identified by the Police at this report was pasted.

Former Parliamentarian H.G. SIRISENA injured seriously in the incident was also airlifted to COLOMBO National Hospital a few hours ago as his condition turned worst.

Earlier Minister of Posts and Telecommunications MAHINDA WIJESEKARA was also airlifted to COLOMBO National Hospital following serious injuries sustained in the blast while he was attending the religions ceremony in the area.

At this story was filed, medical specialists at the COLOMBO National Hospital are busy performing a major surgery on Minister MAHINDA WIJESEKARA at the COLOMBO National Hospital Intensive Care Unit (ICU) operation theatre.

Several more died in the LTTE suicide blast are still to be identified.

* Special Forces & 58 Division Troops Collect Eighty LTTE Dead Bodies & more LTTE Weapons::
[Monday, March 9, 2009, 04:41 am SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: TROOPS of the Special Forces (SF) and 58 Division on extended search and clear operations in PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU east recovered thirty more dead bodies of Tiger terrorists increasing the total number of dead bodies recovered to eighty by Monday (9) afternoon.

In addition to the one hundred and eleven T-56 weapons collected by SF and 58 Division troops earlier, one hundred and fifty seven more T-56 weapons were also recovered from the confronted area Monday (9) morning.

Special Forces and 58 Division troops Sunday (8) launched a massive counter attack on LTTE terrorists who attempted to infiltrate the troops’ defence line in PUTHUKUDIYIRUPPU east killing a large number of terrorists. (See today’s Situation Report titled “Fierce Gun Battle between Troops & LTTE Kills Large Number of Terrorists; Fifty Tiger Dead Bodies Recovered”)

* Young Girl Injured in Terrorist Fire Directed at Fleeing Civilians::
[Monday, March 9, 2009, 04:41 am SL Time]

Forty-Five civilians from un-cleared area in Mullaittive reached the 11 SLLI (Sri Lanka Light Infantry) troops attached to the 581 Brigade at the PUTHUKKUDIYIRUPPU east Defence Line Sunday (08) morning.

Those civilians on their way to Security Forces – held areas had been fired upon by LTTE terrorists who waylaid the civilians escaping from LTTE held areas.

A seventeen year old girl who sustained LTTE gun shot injuries was among those IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).

After giving first-aid by soldiers of Army medical team, she was referred for further medical treatment while others were provided with meals before they were sent to the closest IDP relief village.

Seventy more IDPs who were received by the troops are to be sent to the relief village soon.

* TMVP Hands Over Its Arms::
[Sunday, March 8, 2009, 11:01 am SL Time]

THE TAMIL MAKKAL VIDUTHALAI PULIGAL (TMVP) symbolically handed over the arms that had been provided to its members for self defence and security in the wake of LTTE atrocities Saturday (7) afternoon during a brief ceremony at the Weber stadium in BATTICALOA.

Chief Minister Eastern Province and leader of the TMVP Mr. SIVANESATHURAI CHANDRAKANTHAN, BATTICALOA Mayoress Ms SIVAGEETHA PRABAHARAN, DIG Eastern range Central Mr. EDISON GOONATILAKE, senior Army and Police Officers and members of the TMVP were present on the occasion.

To mark the handing over, a member of the TMVP handed over a weapon to Brigadier DAMPATH FERNANDO, General Officer Commanding of the 23 Division who represented the Security Forces.

According to the TMVP, members of their armed wing are to be rehabilitated and provided with various domestic and foreign job opportunities after the hand-over their weapons.

TMVP sources further said that since the LTTE is to be entirely defeated and wiped out from the country, there would be no threat to their party members.

* Terrorists in 'Safe Zone' Pursue Fleeing Civilians & Kill Three of Them::
[Friday, March 6, 2009, 08:13 pm SL Time]

Mullaittivu: Three more Three more civilians fell dead and one more was seriously injured early this morning (6) in CHALAI area when Tiger terrorists shot at them while they were fleeing from the 'Safe Zone' area on six boats to avoid LTTE atrocities.

Tiger terrorists on a few of their boats had started pursuing and firing at those six boats with a large group of fleeing civilians in the MULLAITTIVU seas but those six boats had continued their adventurous sea journey. Three of those boats had managed to land at KEVIL-CHUNDIKULAM area near VETTALAKERNY with one injured civilian onboard.

However, naval troops after spotting other three boats with three dead escapees have managed to conduct them to MUNAI area in the JAFFNA peninsula for safety.

Those three dead civilians had received LTTE gunshot injuries across their chests and heads when terrorists moving out from the 'Safe Zone' on LTTE boats had fired on those fleeing boats.

* 'Green Ocean' Unloads Medicine for 'Safe Zone' & Returns::
[Thursday, March 5, 2009, 05:08 pm SL Time]

State Health authorities considering medical requirements in un-cleared areas of MULLAITTIVU took steps to dispatch a large consignment of medicine and food stocks aboard the 'Green Ocean' vessel from TRINCOMALEE to PUTTUMATTALAN seas late Wednesday (4) evening.

The ship has just completed unloading by about 2.30 p.m. and was on the way back to the eastern port city of SERUWILA on Thursday (5).

This was the 8th shipment of medical supplies sent to the same area under the supervision of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Scotching rumours and giving one more blow to Tigers’ calculated efforts to mislead the international community by going even to the extent of publishing forged Tamil letterheads, purported to have originated from MULLAITTIVU, unfortunately with noticeable incorrect Sinhala words, these essentials have already been handed to the authorities in ‘Safe Zone’ areas.

Those stocks to be used in medical centers and local hospitals in the ‘Safe Zone’ area and surrounding MULLAITTIVU suburbs included 34 vital varieties of medicine such as anti-biotics, aspirin, paracetamol, ointments, cotton wool, bandages, surgical spirit, etc.

25,000 capsules of amoxicillin, 10,000 capsules of cloxacillin, 10,000 tablets of penicillin, 10,000 tablets of erythromycin and 500 bottles of amoxicillin were also among the stocks.

The supplies were organized by the Regional Directorate of Health Services TRINCOMALEE following requests made by provincial health authorities in the VANNI on the instructions of the government.

In addition, another stock of 20 Mt of wheat flour also found its way to MULLAITTIVU on the same ship following forthcoming requirements projected by KILINOCHCHI and MULLAITTIVU District Secretaries to the authorities.

Tiger propaganda machinery in the past forty-eight hours, having failed in all their media lobbies overseas, fabricated stories on VANNI civilians eating raw leaves for hunger, Death of civilians due to starvation, Poisoning after consumption of garbage, Death of civilians due to absence of medicine, etc.

* "Do the Rest with Maximum Precautions," Commander Tells His Vanni Chiefs::
[Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 07:51 pm SL Time]

"OFFENSIVES, inside the remaining entire un-cleared area of less than 45 sq km, inclusive of the reserved "Safety Zone" for fleeing civilians should be carried out taking all possible safety precautions with utmost precision, since the number of civilians thronging into the area is now fast swelling,"so said Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka when he met his senior ground commanders Wednesday (4) morning at the Vanni Security Forces Headquarters in Vavuniya.

Impressed immensely with ground achievements hitherto, made by his troops, now confining the enemy to less than 20-25 sq km in extent, excluding the "Safety Zone" further underlined importance of maintaining the status quo, as regards arrangements in place for receipt of fleeing civilians.

"LTTE infiltrators from rear areas would try their maximum to inflict injury on both civilians and ground troops alike after mingling with civilians on the flee, as they have already done in several instances. Their ability for frontal fighting as before has drastically diminished and the terror outfit has been badly affected due to lack of manpower and replenishments. They have now resorted to storming the "Safety Zone" and abducting children of the escapees. Our progress from now onwards should be made meticulously, taking maximum precautions, keeping the civilian factor in mind at all times," Commander of the Army specified during the meeting at Vanni Headquarters.

Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander Security Forces, Vanni after receipt of the Army Chief and his entourage at the air base presented a comprehensive account of the ground realities to the visiting Commander at the beginning of the weekly assessment. All General Officers Commanding, Brigade and other senior formation commanders also contributed to the session, providing all details and related images of LTTE atrocities, committed in their respective offensive areas.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, pleased with the re-opening of the A-9 Highway for military logistics also instructed his troops to ensure maximum security for military convoys, as LTTE might turn to final suicidal missions in the face of their humiliating endgame.

* Military supplies & movements on A-9 ceremonially inaugurated as national flags flutter in glee::
[Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 00:21 am SL Time]

The Sri Lanka Army, born at the end of the Second World War and the dawn of Independence of the country marked one more milestone today (2nd March 2009) when it ceremoniously re-opened the A-9 Jaffna-Kandy Highway Main Supply Route (MSR) for military traffic after a lapse of twenty-four years.

Two brief but dignified military ceremonies in Anuradhapura, Omanthai in Vavuniya and Elephant Pass in Jaffna saw two convoys of the Sri Lanka Army troopers proceeding home on leave and back from leave meet each other on the way to exchange warm and memorable greetings since their overland tour assumed historic importance for Mother Lanka, plagued by the scourge of terrorism that spanned for over thirty years.

The Jaffna-bound convoy of valiant troops returning after leave started off from Anuradhapura and reached Omanthai to be received warmly by Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander, Security Forces in Vanni and senior officers present at the venue. Minutes after they got off their National flag carrying buses, Buddhist monks, giving pride of place to religious sentiments, began chanting Seth Pirith in order to invoke blessings of the Triple Gem on the passage of those soldiers. The moment was solemn and triumphant as fluttering National and Army flags on masts added colour to the significant event. A special treat served with traditional milk rice and other sweet-meats symbolized the auspicious nature of this important event. Amidst hails of greetings and best wishes, the Jaffna bound convoy afterwards left for Jaffna.

The same ceremonial procedures were observed by their Jaffna counterparts at Palaly and Elephant Pass who commenced their south-bound journey towards Vavuniya. Commander Security Forces Jaffna Major General Mendaka Samarasinghe received them warmly at Elephant Pass where Buddhist rites were performed and the convoy was blessed reciting Seth Pirith.

Deputy Incumbent of Jaffna Sri Naga Vihara Ven. Meegahajandure Sirinivasa Thero, Ven. Dehipe Vanaratana Thero and Ven. Thalalle Dhammadeva Thero performed the religious observances at the occasion at the Elephnat Pass

Overland supplies to the troops of the tri-services in the Jaffna peninsula along this world-famous A-9 Road remained cut off for the last twenty-four years as a result of the LTTE terrorism. Forty lorries carrying troops bound for Anuradhapura and Jaffna met each other on the way this afternoon after conclusion of religious ceremonies.

Terrorists on 19th January 1985 blasted the "Yaldevi" passenger train and the rail track in Murukandi, Kilinochchi. A few years later on 13th July 1990 terrorists overran the Army detachment in Kokavil. The tactical withdrawal of the garrison from Kilinochchi area in the same year (1990) led the terrorists to be on their own as troops in Mankulam also moved out following logistics in terms of supplies and administrative matters by August 1990. The A-9 Highway was closed again after terrorists attacked the Pooneryn defences which in turn posed a threat to Elephant Pass defences in 1993.

As terrorism spread its wings in the entire Vanni sector taking political leadership for a ride from time to time, the highway remained almost dead as imposition of LTTE's illegal "taxes" and extortions escalated.

On 17th February 2002, the A-9 highway up to Kilinochchi from Omanthai was re-opened after signing the infamous Cease-fire Agreement with terrorists. The entire A-9 Highway was again re-opened completely on 8th April 2002.

As Tigers under the cover of the so-called truce systematically intensified their attacks on un-armed soldiers and civilians alike with the motive of provoking troops committed to the Agreement, the government has had no other alternative but to order the troops to act in self-defence. The situation worsened as terrorists struck a devastating blow on the troops at Muhamale Entry/Exit point. Troops countered the attacks and finally closed down the Muhamale Entry/Exit point indefinitely on 11th October 2006 as the terrorists had unilaterally exited from the Agreement.

Monday's re-opening will certainly be a big step forward in the liberation of the entire country from grips of terrorism for the sake of the next generation and the generation yet to be born in this resplendent island of ours, yours and mine.

* Alert Troops Foil Tigers' Infiltration Attempt::
[Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 00:13 am SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: ONE MORE effort by the LTTE to infiltrate PALAMATHTHAN Army defences south of CHALAI was thwarted during small hours Monday (2) by the 55 Division troops who had already advanced about 2 km ahead of the LTTE-made earth bund pierced by the soldiers Saturday (28).

Having observed a large number of Tiger terrorists onboard at least ten Sea Tiger boats moving from the direction of the "Safe Zone" in the southeast of CHALAI, the 55 Division alerted all troops deployed along the coastal line.

As the flotilla drew closer to the shore in the dark, a barrage of artillery, mortar, Rocket Propeller Gun (RPG) and small arms fire was mounted on it forcing the Tiger boats to turn away with extensive damages.

It was on Sunday (1) that the troops who noticed a small group of Tiger terrorist infiltrators in PALAMATHTHAN cordoned the area and fired at them.

One female LTTE terrorist, in the wake of Army offensives, committed suicide detonating a suicide jacket while others went in hiding amidst continuous fire by the troops.

Search and clear operations are on in the area.

* LTTE drama on abduction of children from "Safe Zone" deprives adult's life; All three terrorists killed::
[Sunday, March 1, 2009, 11:00 pm SL Time]

Mullaittivu: An adventurous act of a Tamil adult who sacrificed his own life in defence of innocent children flocking into the "Safe Zone" declared for civilians was reported this morning (01) from MULLAITTIVU.

The drama started with the entry of three LTTE terrorists with weapons into the "Safe Zone" and attempted to abduct children for conscription to the LTTE organization which is now short of fighting cadres.

But that terrorist act was instantly objected by the displaced people at the location generating a heated argument between them and the terrorists.

The verbal tussle reached its climax when the terrorists ignored the public protest and repeatedly attempted to take some children forcibly away.

In the melee, one of the elderly men snatched the weapon of a terrorist and went on firing at those three LTTE terrorists who showed up to conscript minors who had sought safety inside the "Safe Zone".

Gun shots fired by the angry adult killed all three terrorists on the spot and the situation calmed down afterwards.

However, the senior citizen who tried himself to give protection to children also received injuries in the LTTE retaliatory fire and succumbed to injuries later on.

Several aid and relief agency workers have openly condemned the LTTE act at the venue itself and had subsequently alerted their capital-based headquarters on the gruesome incident.

It is believed the slain adult who objected to the child conscription would have been given forcible and compulsory weapon training by the LTTE before he entered the "Safe Zone" after deserting the terrorist organization.

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