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Another 5100 civilians arrived in Army Controlled area for their safety

Colombo, 07 February, ( Another five thousand one hundred civilians escaped from the clutches of LTTE and reached army controlled Dharmapuram, Visuvamadu and Kuppilanlkulam areas on Friday (7). Sri Lanka army sources say that those civilians were trapped in the LTTE run 'Hman Sield'in Wanni and were rescued for their safety.

According to the sources, the civilians had sought refuge with the soldiers deployed in the Dharmapuram, Visuamadu and Kuppilankuam areas. The soldiers after providing immediate medical care and refreshments to the refugees had sent them to the welfare centres located in the Government controlled areas.

The army offensive elements continue to maneuver with tact and care to the remaining LTTE hiding areas in Wanni providing more escape routes to the civilians under the terror clutches.

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