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Braving LTTE gunfire, on Tuesday, 1900 civilians arrived to safety to the Government control area

Colombo, 11 February, ( Braving the LTTE gunfire on Tuesday 10 February, a total of 1900 civilians, crossed into to the Government controlled areas.

Furthermore, yesterday afternoon, three LTTE armed cadres in two motor cycles were seen chasing and threatening Tamil civilians who were crossing into the Government control area for their safety and were spotted by the 58 Division Sri Lankan soldiers in Suthanthirapuram and the soldiers opened fire, killing them on the spot.

A source in the 58 Division told Asian Tribune that they also captured 6 bodies of the LTTE cadres and their weapons yesterday in the Visuvamadu North area.

In the meantime Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said troops of the 57 Division in the Mullaitivu jungles captured Western part of Kuruwilkulam following a battle that continued from Monday night.

"A small group of LTTE cadres facing the full brunt of the troops fled the area with the troops inflicting heavy casualties among the Tigers and took control of the West of Kuruwilkulam on Tuesday morning," he added.

Kuruwilkulam is located East of Visuamadu and North of Udayaarkattu Kulam, along South of the A9 Road.

As the LTTE territory continues to shrink fast are at present they are confined to 96 square kilometers of land area, the Army spokesman said.

Also yesterday, Troops recovered a container full of GMPG and T56 ammunition, Brigadier Nanayakkara said.

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How come the so called

How come the so called international media silent? All this do to show that there are two standards of reporting. CNN and BBC particularly when the were covering the news in Iraq they were so hell bent and supportive of their own governments not to report any thing about the botched WMD for the longest. Still they were not critical of their government. Then the very organizations do not blame Israel about their invasion of Palestine. But in Sri Lanka the situation is completely distorted. The average Tamils are put to test by their own people at LTTE and these INGO does not report it. Always they are going after the GOSL in an unfair manner.

When everything is done there should be a commission to address and penalize these hypocrites. Where did the money supposed to have gone to the upliftment of the civilians go? What did these INGO and NGO were doing in these areas? How the country manager did did not know what is going on in their respective organization when resources were poured to activities other than helping the civilians. What did TRO, who was making a big noise in the west do with those humanitarian funds collected? The international bodies should come hard on these individuals. I do not know why they had to distort truth in this way against a democratically elected government unless they themselves are terrorists.

Like we did with the unsavoury elements in JVP, we have to deal with LTTE the same way. Take their destructive leadership out and let the democratic forces flourish. The Tamils should reach out to the government to heal the wounds as soon as possible. We have a bigger role to play having most of the visible Tamils supporting LTTE, and the real majority been silent either being scared of LTTE or some other reason. The Tamils cannot live in sideline; we have to enter the main stream. LTTE is not the right vehicle for our people to be in. Due this LTTE activity most of our children have lost their advantage in academic work, and as a community is pushed 20 years back. We need help, and we need it now. We have to build our people within a democratic framework who can flourish without bounds.