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Sensitive LTTE’s communications equipments recovered

Tamil Nadu Leaders Plot to Bifurcate Sri Lanka Exposed

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Colombo, 28 February, ( Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division commanded by Brigadier Shavindra Silva’s troops have advance deep into the Puthukkudiyiruppu built- up area from North west, East and South amidst heavy resistance forthcoming from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam – the terrorists outfit.

Troops belonging to the 58 Divisions also recovered sensitive electronic equipments which confirmed roles played by Tamil Nadu political leaders and televisions owned and run by elites belonging to Tamil Nadu political hierarchy to bifurcate Sri Lanka and make the so called Tamil Eelam, a satellite state of India.

According to sources in the Army’s 58 Division the LTTE is now confined to less than 58 square km (22 sq miles) and are being pushed toward a 12-km no-fire zone on the Indian Ocean island's northeastern coast where tens of thousands of people fleeing fighting and have taken refuge.

While Troops consolidated their position, in the search operations conducted by 11(SLLI) Lt Colonel Kithsiri Ekanayake and his troops were able to locate LTTE’s High-Tec Communication Center, which was according to those empty air condition ducts found in the walls of the building in the premises, was earlier, fully air conditioned.

However, the LTTE has removed all the air condition equipments on their withdrawal, but left behind all the sensitive electronic satellite gadgets and equipments.

According to many of those sensitive electronic equipments found in the building was confirmed proofs of the role played by the Tamil Nadu political leaders and Tamil televisions owned by political elites of Tamil Nadu.

According to the Army sources, many of those sensitive communication equipments were donated by INGO”s who are operating in Sri Lanka - like "Save the Children," "Oxfam" and many others. Photographs clearly depicts that those equipments were given by the INGOs’ to the LTTE.

Equipments such as satellite up-linking and down-linking with 40 Terminal facilities were found, which could up link video to Nidarashanam - the satellite LTTE Tv and also to provide video footages to International Television stations, such as Kalaingnar TV , Sun TV network in Tamil Nadu owned and run by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and by his grandson and also to the international news agencies and transfer of data’s were also recovered by the troops.

Sri Lankan troops are of the view that the Tamil Nadu CM and the SUN Tv were alleged to be deeply behind the LTTE terrorist activities in their endeavor to bifurcate Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan troops also recovered 12 fixed Satellite phones, and the Norwegian donated Radio broadcasting equipments.

Those satellite uplinking equipments helped to communicate with LTTE’s international network via e-mail. Also several satellite dishes and 12 desktop computers were found in the search. But according to Army sources, LTTE destroyed 5 desktop computers before they fled. But Army sources said data’s in those destroyed computers could be recovered easily.

One Intelligence officer had told to Asian Tribune that LTTE may posses some more satellite equipments hidden somewhere else.

- Asian Tribune -

More and more evidence

More and more evidence emerging of NGO and INGO assistance to LTTE via monies collected from contributors who had no idea they were paying to support TERRORISTS.

After the Second World War,

After the Second World War, western countries created new phenomenon, commonly known as NGOs and Media freedom. With these two, they could easily get in to the heart of any country, political movement and gather intelligence.

NGOs have been playing a nasty role in Sri Lanka, ever since the LTTE started killing innocents. But funnily they never helped or treated Singhalese victims ever, rather took the side of Tamils/terrorists.

During the Tsunami, it had been reported that more 50 brand new NOGs mushroomed in Sri Lanka, some even were in the country with out any proper legal pass.
One question is spinning in most our heads for a long time. WHY?

Reason is crystal clear to every one now.

I am not a supporter of most

I am not a supporter of most NGOs and INGOs because I see eidence that most of them ripped off the funds donated to tsunami victims. However, we should be careful before we discredit NGOs like Oxfam and Save the Children. They are doing well in many parts of the world.

We all know that LTTE was in control of these areas and they would have forced some NGOs to give them donations like printers etc. As long as the donations are not suiable for conducting war and subversive activities, we should not blame these NGOs. The types of pictures above do not make me belive that Oxfam and Save the Children have damaged Sri Lanka. I cannot say the same about those who donated Radio Broadcast equipment. We all know that Norwegians have been a Principal supporter of LTTE. I am not surprised by this finding. I have to say the same about the Tamilnadu connections.

It is surprising how Sri Lanka survived the assault of so many enemies. TRUTH ALWAYS SURVIVE. WE ARE A BLESSED NATION. A FAIRER NATION.