Over 8000 escapees from LTTE suffering from diseases
Special health team rushed

Around 8000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) fleeing from the uncleared areas of Mullaitivu into Government controlled areas have been found suffering from Malaria, different kinds of respiratory diseases and many had sustained injuries.

On the instructions of Healthcare Minister, an emergency meeting was held in the Health Ministry yesterday (8)comprising Secretary to the Health Ministry Dr.Athula Kahadaliyanage, Director General of Health Services Dr. Ajith Mendis and Mullaitivu Provincial Health Director Dr.E.Gnanasothy. Following this meeting it was decided to dispatch several special medical teams to Nellikulam, Chettikulam and Manikfarm welfare villages where the IDPs have been temporarily settled, the Health Ministry said.

Health Ministry media spokesman W.Wanninayaka told The Island that about 8000 IDPs who fled from the LTTE in Mullaitivu had sought refuge in Nellikulam, Chettikulam and Manikfarm welfare villages.

The Nellikulam welfare village had received 2000 IDPs, Manikfarm 3000,A Chettikulam school 2000 and Chetikulam Hospital had received another 3000 IDPs.

He said that on the request made by Mullaitivu Provincial Health Director Dr.E.Gnanasothy the emergency meeting held in Colombo by Health Ministry high officials decided to strengthen the health services in the welfare villages because a majority of IDPs staying in these villages were detected to be suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, high blood pressure and Malaria.

Wanninayaka also said that the Director General of Health Services Dr.Ajith Mendis in co-ordination with Secretary to the Health Ministry Dr.A.Kahadaliyanage would send 20 additional doctors, 93 nurses, 10 medical laboratory technologists, 10 family health officers and 10 midwives to Nellikulam, Chettikulam, Manikfarm welafare villages today (9). Essential medical equipment such as blood pressure testing equipment,suckers, nebulizers, oxygen cylinders and patients’ beds would also be transported to the welfare villages as a matter of great urgency,he said.

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