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The human shields that protects the LTTE

By Shenali Waduge

The Government at most needs a few plaudits for its ability to ride the tidal waves of pressure building up by members of the international community, the media and organizations who profit from conflict stricken countries. With a receding area to call their "own" the LTTE may soon have to either hand themselves up or prepare for a waiting game. Either way, the LTTE needs to realize that their days are numbered.

The scenario is very simple – the LTTE is now boxed into a area with an unbelievable number of "civilians". The experts that is the UN, the Foreign Embassies, the consortium of humanitarian agencies, media, the NGOs/INGOs and their local hired voices all give figures from 250,000 to 400,000.

It would be very interesting to find out from these authorities exactly how many LTTE hardcore fighters there are remaining within this enclave. A 1000 LTTE would mean 1 LTTE manhandling 250 or 400 civilians! What makes interesting reading is that it is Not the LTTE that is being chided for keeping these people but the Government for not taking them out. The calls for their release is not surprisingly combined with a statement "asking both the Government and the LTTE to agree to a "temporary no-fire period" to allow civilians and wounded to leave the conflict zone" It was to Sri Lanka’s advantage that the President declared a 48 hour no-fire prior to the recent joint statements from co-chairs and other super powers but only a little over 150 civilians made their way to Government controlled areas.

A little over 6000 have actually crossed over to Government controlled areas. Given this situation we can but wonder whether these civilian figures may have been quoted in the excitement to project a "humanitarian crisis" as these agencies survive on funds released by their donors. Over projecting the figures mean larger disbursement of funds and if donors were a little alert & questioned some of this funds they would see a different picture but with the liberation of the North the armed forces will be able to reveal to the donors exactly what type of "development" work has been done in the North. A situation like Wall Street may occur!

So what can we make of the "others" – the figures itself require major scrutiny as the 250,000 and 400,000 figures that these "foreign" authorities claim are amongst the LTTE is faulty and lacks any proof of evidence. How did they count them, did they even see the LTTE taking them away & if so why was nothing done about it then? These flighty figures make a perfect tool to embarrass the armed forces & project a humanitarian crisis through media channels. When the actual numbers emerge an apology to the Government and the people of Sri Lanka should be forthcoming. P. Nadesan says that the civilians prefer to be amongst the LTTE and if this be the case there is nothing that the Government can do because the international community accepts that the LTTE is the representative of the Tamil people and if so, it is baseless referring to these civilians as "human shields" or even citing that they need to be taken to the safe zone or beyond. So what is the international community actually attempting to do?

Intelligent viewing of media agencies reveal that the reports on Sri Lanka’s "present" battles and "civilian casualties" are doctored. How? These channels are using images & video footage of LTTE front organizations (TRO – Tamil Rehabilitation Organization) which is banned in the US, Sri Lanka and omitted from the UK Charity Listing. The scenes are not relevant to the present & should not be relayed in describing events taking place now. Yet, most of these scenes are in Government maintained hospitals where civilians are being treated by Government doctors yet very little of what the Government does is given attention. The damage done is enormous – only those who understand and know the actual situation will be able to read through the fabrication – others unfortunately will believe the version and side with the LTTE. That media access to conflict areas is denied will automatically reveal that the footage is not current. Media access is denied not only in Sri Lanka – can journalists claim to have entered to give their "independent" assessment in Iraq, Afghanistan or more recently Gaza? How exactly do they plan to provide verification – will they personally count the 400,000 civilians and say that the Government of Sri Lanka needs to accept the figures quoted by the international community? What guarantee will they have of their safety once in LTTE territory (are not some local UN staff and their families being forcefully kept by the LTTE) – if these media crews incur injuries will that not boomerang on the Government who will be blamed for not protecting them!

Why would a banned entity in 33 countries be able to garner so much of support that even in the face of defeat there are some to attempt to give life to the LTTE?

An anatomy of conflicts in countries will reveal that conflicts do not happen without a reason – we are well aware that the LTTE’s emergence into Sri Lanka polity with the backdrop of "ethnicity" was planted by India and its intelligence wing. The "conflict" opened up an "armed struggle" which meant opportunities for offices to be set up in Sri Lanka and clandestine activities and illegal procurement of arms – we have enough of examples to show that party to these activities and how they have benefited & are benefiting over the years. The conflict curers emerge with their own agendas most groups aligned to Christian or Catholic organizations that use poverty, turmoil and terror to advance their anti-conversion campaigns. The surge in converts among Hindus and Buddhists is alarming and a survey would reveal the actual numbers – is it not curious how Bishops continuously call for cease fires! There is a bigger game amidst wars and terror and it is the common man who eventually ends up carrying the burden and the country’s security forces who end up cannon fodder.

What the international community at this stage should do is to pressurize the LTTE to release the civilians they are "supposedly holding". Here again we must wonder whether there are "civilians" at all. Most of the people coming to Government territory have come from outside of Mullaitivu. The sensible alternative for the Government is to circle the entire area that the LTTE is now confined to – secure the entire coastal belt and simply wait until the LTTE makes their move. They will have to make do with the arms they have – firing will eventually lead to a no arms situation and then perhaps the "civilians" may foster enough courage to over-power the remaining LTTE cadres and run for safety. Things don’t look very good for the LTTE but it is unfortunate that there are still some who wish to resuscitate the monster and his killing machine.

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Who said 200,000 - 400,000?

Who said 200,000 - 400,000? Then why these peolpe didn vote for election in 2001 when the LTTE gave their maximum effort for Ranin Wickramasinghe?

This is bulshit it suppose to be below 100,000.