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* 58 Div further advances into Puthukkudiyiruppu::
[Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 05:20 pm SL Time]

Intense fighting ensued with troops of 58 Division and LTTE terrorists yesterday, 23 February, as troops further advanced into LTTE's remaining stronghold, Puthukkudiyiruppu, causing heavy damages to the terrorists, military report received from the battlefront said, 23 February.

Troops of 581 and 582 Brigades confronted with detected group of LTTE terrorists in general area west of Puthukkudiyiruppu last afternoon, 23 February. According to the military report received LTTE suffered heavy damages due to the security forces' retaliation.

In a subsequent search operation troops have found 1 x Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG), 1 x Light Machine Gun (LMG), 6 X T-56 weapons and 12.7 tool kit from the area.

Meanwhile, another heavy confrontation reported in the same area when troops of 582 and 583 Brigades confronted with group of LTTE terrorists last morning. Intercepting LTTE radio communication channels, Electronic Warfare (EW) sources confirmed LTTE suffered heavy losses in fighting.

* Search Operations after Confrontations Continue::
[Tuesday, February 24, 2009, 05:18 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: CONTINUING confrontations in the WANNI front were followed by search and clear operations conducted by the triumphant troops Monday (23) enabling them to find more LTTE items.

The 57 Division troops fighting terrorists in PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU and KUPPILANKULAM areas recovered forty-eight anti personnel mines, four 81mm heat bombs, three 81mm white phosphorus bombs, seventy-six kerosene oil barrels, two back packs, two belt orders, forty-eight LTTE caps, seventy-eight LTTE cap badges, one I-com radio set, one jacket, fourteen RPG rockets, four thousand (4000) T-56 ammunition and nine hand grenades.

The 53 and 58 Division troops in PUTHUKKUDUIRUPPU area found one MPMG (Multi Purpose Machine Gun), one Light Machine Gun (LMG), seven T-56 weapons and one 12.7 tool kit.

Meanwhile, the 59 Division troops, during search after confrontations in MULLAITTIVU area found two LTTE dead bodies, four thousand (4000) rounds of Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) ammunition, four MPMG links, two Rocket Propeller Guns (RPGs) and one night vision device between 5.45 a.m. and 6.10 p.m..

The same day, Task Force-II troops in UDAYARKATTUKULAM area recovered seven hand grenades, one claymore mine, four 81mm mortar bombs, four chargers for mortar launchers, three thousand (3000) Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) ammunition, five thousand (5000) T-56 ammunition, one belt order and one motor cycle.

Similarly, 55 Division troops operating in the general area of CHALAI recovered one hundred and eighty-five anti-personnel mines and one shot gun from the area around 10.10 a.m. Monday (23).

In the meantime, Task Force-III troops conducting search operations in OLUMADU area recovered a skeletal remains of one LTTE terrorist along with a dog tag (No: 020) and a cyanide capsule Monday (23).

* Some More IDPs Reach Cleared Areas::
[Sunday, February 22, 2009, 09:33 pm SL Time]

JAFFNA: A GROUP of fifteen civilians consisting of four men, five women and six children reached MAMUNAI in JAFFNA Army controlled area. They came by boat crossing the sea of MULLAITTIVU today (22), escaping from clutches of LTTE terrorists in MULLAITTIVU un-cleared areas.

Another group of eight civilians including four men, two women, two children have also arrived at VATHIRAYAN, south of THALAIADY in a boat.

They were provided with refreshments by the soldiers and handed over to civil authorities.

* Tiger Terrorists Claim Lives of Fourteen more Civilians Including Two Children::
[Sunday, February 22, 2009, 09:31 pm SL Time]

AMPARA: LTTE terrorists have been continuing to massacre innocent civilians wherever possible committed a crime of the same nature killing some more innocent farmers in AMPARA Saturday (21) evening.

A small group of Tiger infiltrators who stormed in KARAWETIYAGAMA at RATHMALGAHAELLA, in IGINIGALA Saturday (21) around 5.00 p.m.. Opened indiscriminate fire at the villagers killing at least fourteen of them and seriously injuring some more.

Almost all the villagers in KARAWETIYAGAMA are traditional farmers who earned their living through chena cultivation. It is reported two of the death are small children. Two more children are also among the injured, report further said. A combined search operations by the Army and special Task Force commence in the area immediately after the incident.

* Both LTTE Aircrafts Confirmed Destroyed::
[Saturday, February 21, 2009, 00:27 am SL Time]

2nd Update

COLOMBO: Latest reports confirmed both LTTE aircrafts that came for the attack on COLOMBO have been destroyed according to the Air Force.

* Air Defence System Activated And LTTE Aircraft Downed::
[Saturday, February 21, 2009, 00:12 am SL Time]

COLOMBO: AT LEAST forty-two people receive injuries when an LTTE light aircraft entered the city dropped one bomb near the Inland Revenue Department Building at about 9.45 p.m. Friday (20) before it disappeared.

One of the LTTE aircrafts that came to strike COLOMBO has been however destroyed by the Air Force and the body of the pilot has been recovered along with the wreckage of the aircraft close to KATUNAYAKE Air Force base according to Minister Keheliya Rabukwella.

The episode began to develop as the Air Defence System in COLOMBO and suburbs got activated due to a possible threat made after observation of an unidentified aircraft in the skies around 9.15 p.m. on Friday (20).

Air Force, however said two LTTE aircrafts have entered the COLOMBO city skies and were aiming a damage on the city.

However, Air Force said they were in full control of the situation as this report went to press.

* Tigers’ Underwater Scooters Found for the First Time::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:29 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: 58 DIVISION troops after successfully completing another phase of the final offensive against remaining Tiger terrorists brought the entire AMPALAVANPOKKANAI, area east of PUTHUKUDIRIPPU under troops control Friday (20) morning.

Troops throwing their search network, moments after their capture found large stocks of LTTE military equipment and explosives, most of which were found either kept for safe-keeping or left behind. Among the items recovered were two modern underwater scooters, a recovery not heard or found before in the fight against division of the country. Those underwater scooters with diving kits, oxygen cylinders, diving masks, swimming pads, etc and all other aquatic equipment remained intact and ready for use at any given time when the troops uncovered them. Those accessories were also closely tethered to sailing explosive devices which could be activated as the enemy target nears the underwater scooters while riding in the seas.

* LTTE Underground Mansion with Three Storeyes Uncovered::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:28 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: TASK FORCE VIII troops operating under 58 Division in the west of PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU, just captured were appalled to come across a hitherto undiscovered an LTTE mansion that had three layers (storeyes) deep underground Friday (20) morning. Details with photos follow.

* More Tiger Weapons & LTTE Explosives Uncovered::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:27 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: VICTORIOUS Sri Lanka Army troops on Thursday (19) continued their thrust further deep into shrinking Tiger territories causing heavy damages to the enemy and found large stocks of LTTE military and warlike items, left behind by the terrorists.

In a search operation followed by confrontations, troops recovered three dead bodies of Tiger terrorists, seven T-56 weapons and three I-com sets from PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU west on Thursday (19).

In the meantime, troops engaged in search and clear operations in VISUAMADU area recovered seven T-56 weapons, thirty four claymore mines, four Rocket Propeller Grenades (RPGs), two hundred and forty rounds of ammunitions, fifty hand grenades, twelve Multi Purpose Machine Gun (MPMG) drums, six Light Machine Gun (LMG) drums, 30 kg of C-4 explosives, two hundred and ninety-seven anti personnel mines, seventeen Arul bombs, three I-com sets, seventy electric detonators and fourteen man packs on the same day.

Meanwhile, troops engaged in WANNI humanitarian operations conducted search and clear operations on Thursday (19) in KULAMURIPPU, PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU west and KUNCHIKULAM areas and recovered one T-56 weapon, three thousand rounds of ammunition, two hundred and fifty rounds of T-56 ammunition, one mine detector, seven claymore mines, twelve hand grenades, six 60 mm mortar bombs, 4kg of C-4 explosives, one Rocket Propeller Grenade (RPG), one Improvised Explosive Device (IED), two shot guns, two anti personnel mines, three Arul bombs, twenty detonators, one weighing machine and one photocopy machine.

* Troops Enter Ampalavanpokkanai After Capturing Puthukudiyirippu West::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:26 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: VALIANT troops of 58 Division captured the entire PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU west area by Thursday (19) afternoon and by evening they were able to enter AMPALAVANPOKKANAI town.

* More Catholic Priests From Wanni Receive Tender Hospitality::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:25 pm SL Time]

Exhausted and terribly tired, Rev PONNATHURAI Reginald Navendranpulam, Rev Manesi Devaraj Paul Suresh, Rev Yoganandan Nevil Ruparaj and Rev S. Thurairathnam were received by the troops and made them comfortable after providing refreshments and meals.

Those priests, accompanied by members of their families have reportedly told the troops that almost all the trapped civilians were silently suffering since they were being prevented from moving into the Safe Zone.

Troops after coordinating their requirements directed them to VAVUNIYA for re-location on the instructions received from their church hierarchy. Those priests thanked the Army for their hospitality before they were transported to VAVUNIYA.

* LTTE Robbed Super Luxury Vehicle, Bulldozer & Isuzu Truck Found::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:24 pm SL Time]

The luxurious vehicle with automatic gears, cooling and heating switch systems and fully automated other gadgets, including windows has been seemingly manufactured a few years ago or several months back. The vehicle remained intact at the time of its detection. (See photo)

Tiger terrorists or their proxies, since the times of the infamous Cease-fire Agreement (CFA) was signed were in the practice of stealing many such super luxurious cars and vehicles from southern towns and taking them into VANNI areas, using fraudulent and meticulous methods, but law-enforcement authorities had to turn a blind eye to those complaints, due to political compulsions in the early years of 2000.

Meanwhile, a heavily-damaged JCB bulldozer, engaged in constructing LTTE earth bunds in the same PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU area was also found by the troops clearing the area, Thursday (19) morning. Aerial strikes of the Air Force have irreparably destroyed this yellow-coloured heavy machinery, reducing it to partly a burnt-out one while causing it to turn turtle to a side of the LTTE working site. The aerial bomb appeared to have done extensive damages to LTTE resources at the venue, forcing terrorists to abandon and run away, leaving many LTTE metal equipment and other items behind.

Adding to the list was also a huge truck-type Isuzu vehicle, belonging to the government’s CO-OP establishment. It is believed the brand new heavy truck after consignments were brought into the area for civilians had been forcibly held and used for terrorist operations instead, perhaps chasing or eliminating the crew. Many LTTE rocket launchers, claymore mines and anti-personnel mines were also among the day’s recoveries.

* Heavy Fighting Eliminates Anbu & Suresh::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:23 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: THURSDAY (19) morning’s pitched fighting between 53 Division troops and remaining Tiger terrorists at a location on ODDUSUDAN – PUTHUKUDIYIRIPPU road has reportedly killed two well-known Tiger terrorists, identified as ANBU and SURESH, Army troops in VANNI confirmed.

Scores of Tiger terrorists, according to reports have also perished in the fighting. A few soldiers injured in the fighting were referred for medical treatment. Further operations are in progress.

* Unprecedented LTTE Paraphernalia Including 600 Fuel Barrels Found::
[Friday, February 20, 2009, 06:21 pm SL Time]

WANNI: RECOVERIES of LTTE weapons, ammunition, warlike items, vehicles and paraphernalia, unprecedented in the modern times after LTTE terrorism saw its birth were reported during Wednesday (18) as 53, 57, 58, 59 and Task Force-II and IV troops continued their extensive searches.

Army troops confronted LTTE terrorists in the west and the south of PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU and those in the south ODDUSUDAN areas on Wednesday (18) causing heavy damages to the terrorists.

Mop up operations conducted after confrontations recovered nine dead LTTE men, six T-56 weapons, eight magazines, three thousand rounds of ammunition, one 40 mm grenade launcher, twenty-one rounds of 40 mm grenades, three suicide jackets, two claymore mines, weighing about 2.5 kg, four I-com sets, two Global Positioning Systems (GPS), two compasses, two radio sets, one range finder, one battery charger, five man-packs, four 1.5 v batteries, four anti personnel mines, three packs of C-4 explosives weighing about 500g each, ten hand grenades, one LTTE uniform, three maps, three belt orders, one satellite phone, one antenna, five colour ID bands, one motor bicycle, sixteen empty fuel bowsers, six hundred empty oil barrels and some medicinal items.

In another search operation conducted in VISUAMADU area from 8.00 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on Wednesday (18), troops recovered one decomposed dead body, thirty-two claymore mines each weighing about 7.5 kg and fifty anti personnel mines.

In the meantime, 21 Division troops in VAVUNIYA conducted a search operation in ASIKULAM area on Wednesday (18) morning and recovered two hand grenades, two Multi-Purpose Machine Guns (MPMG) links, back pack, belt order, cyanide capsule, two head covers, fourteen batteries, five rain capes, one ground sheet, one helmet, one Olive Green uniform, one wire cutter, three packs of dry ration and three water purification tablets.

Meanwhile, in the eastern port town of TRINCOMALEE and BATTICALOA, troops on duty conducted surprise search operations in SERUWILA and UNNACHCHAI areas.

Troops recovered two cyanide capsules, one telephone charger and four batteries in a search conducted around 4.00 p.m. Wednesday (18) from SERUWILA area.

In another search operation conducted in SIRNARAYANPURAM, TRINCOMALEE troops recovered one T-56 weapon, two magazines and thirty-five rounds of ammunition from the area around 6.00 p.m. Wednesday (18).

Meanwhile, Special Task Force (STF) troops in UNNACHCHAI, BATTICALOA carried out a clearing operation in the area and recovered one Rocket Propeller Grenade (RPG) launcher, three RPG rounds, three RPG chargers, one T-56 weapon, two magazines and thirty rounds of ammunition on Wednesday (18) afternoon.

* Ten Hardcore Terrorists Give Up & Surrender::
[Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 05:08 pm SL Time]

VAVUNIYA: TEN hardcore Tiger terrorists who had given up their violent organization have surrendered to the Security Forces at OMANTHAI after arriving there amidst ordinary fleeing civilians late Tuesday (17) evening.

Their surrender, seen as a major breakthrough that explains the fate befallen the terrorist organization, speaks of what remains in the pipeline as regards the very existence of the terror outfit itself.

Initial interrogations and investigations revealed that one among the surrendees was a girl of 17 years of age who was originally from JAFFNA.

Nine other LTTE escapees were in the age range of 20 - 33 years. They were from MANNAR, MULLAITTIVU, KILINOCHCHI, VAVUNIYA and JAFFNA areas.

They were being detained at the VAVUNIYA Police station at the moment for further investigations before they were referred to rehabilitation centers. The VAVUNIYA Police investigations are on.

* Pastor & Eight Sisters Fleeing LTTE Detention Received in Vuvuniya::
[Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 05:08 pm SL Time]

WANNI: NINE MEMBERS of clergy, including eight Sisters, who had refused to take arms against Sri Lanka Army in WANNI, despite LTTE death threats and managed to arrive in Army-held VISUAMADU area were transferred to the EC Full Gospel Mission Church in SIDDAMBARAMPURAM, VAVUNIYA for better facilities and accommodation, following a directive from Major General JAGATH JAYASURIYA, Commander, Security Forces Headquarters, WANNI on Wednesday (18). Pastor PATHMANATHAN JAYARAJAH, Sister KANAGAN MOHANA, Sister SEBAMALAI FRANCISKAMMA, Sister SEBATIAMPILLAI LATHA VIOLET, Sister KANGASABAPATHY SHARMILADEVI, Sister ANTHONY SEBAMALAI MARY, Sister ANNAMALAI MOHANA, Sister RAPHEL ROHINI MARY and Sister ANTHONY LOURDAMMA, belonging to CANAAN Fellowship International Church Ministry after their arrival in VISUAMADU were accommodated initially at the POONTHODAM National College of Education until security procedures were executed for identification and related onward actions.

Rev S.V. STEPHEN, Vice President, CANAAN Fellowship International Church (CFIC) on instructions from Rt Rev Dr ALBERT V. JEBANAYAGAM, Founder and President CFIC of COLOMBO visited those displaced members of the clergy in consultation with the WANNI Security Forces Headquarters (SFHQ-W) and identified those sisters and the pastor. WANNI Security Forces Headquarters giving due respect to those religious dignitaries afterwards took steps to house them at the EC Full Gospel Mission Church in SIDDAMBARAMPURAM, VAVUNIYA.

Rt Rev Dr ALBERT V. JEBANAYAGAM in a letter addressed to the SFHQ-W extended his gratitude to the troops for the facilitation of their mission to visit those displaced clergy in VAVUNIYA. He also reminds that those religious members be exposed to medical attention since they had gone through a grueling experience under diktats of the LTTE.

It has also been pointed out those members of the clergy have refused to take arms against Sri Lanka Army troops in spite of LTTE death threats leveled against them.

* Troops Push Further Collecting LTTE Vehicles & Military Items::
[Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 05:06 pm SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: AS troops continued their push further towards the west of PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU and the east of MULLIYAVELI by Tuesday (17) evening, Tiger terrorists received heavy beating throughout the day. Troops also attacked an LTTE tractor and a motor bicycle in the general area south of PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU Tuesday (17) evening when both those vehicles were preparing themselves for a secret mission targeting both civilians and members of the Security Forces.

In the meantime, troops recovered two anti-personnel mines, six 60mm mortar bombs, one man pack and one LTTE uniform during a search operation conducted in the south of PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU on Tuesday (17).

Meanwhile, search operations conducted in the west of PUTHUKKUDIYIRIPPU, VISUAMADU, MANKULAM and AKKARAYANKULAM areas on Tuesday (17) found large stocks of LTTE military items.

Those LTTE items included one LTTE dead body, one electric detonator, three CDMA phones, twelve I-com sets, two claymore mines, weighing about 50 kg and 25 kg, one claymore mine weighing about 7.5 kg, nine Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), fourteen anti personnel mines, one LTTE map, three containers, one tractor, two unusable wheel loaders, one bulldozer, one Leyland truck, one canter, ten electric detonators, three small containers, one hundred and sixty-eight rounds of T-56 ammunition, twenty-five rounds of MPMG ammunition, forty-two anti personnel fuses, six release switches, three T-56 weapons, one 81mm mortar bomb, one sniper gun and twenty-nine IED holders.

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