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China will give US $ 1 million in humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka

Hilary Rajakarunanayake, Editor – Sri Lanka, Asian Tribune

Colombo, 09 May, ( China will give US $ 1 million in humanitarian aid to Sri Lanka to help the civilian Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) affected by the conflict, China’s Foreign Ministry has announced.

This announcement comes in the wake of an attack on the Chinese Embassy in London a few days ago, by LTTE hooligans and thugs as a protest for Chinese support to the Sri Lankan Government.

"China had paid great attention to Sri Lanka’s internal situation", said ministry spokesman Ma Zhaoxu at a news briefing.

He said it was in the fundamental interests of the Sri Lankan people to maintain social stability and realize national reconciliation, and it was expected by the international community.

“We hope to see the early realization of peace, stability and development of Sri Lanka,” Ma Zhaoxu said.

Sri Lanka is in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, such as food, shelters and sanitation for around 200,000 Tamil civilians displaced by the conflict.

The displaced are housed in welfare camps and transit centers in the northern districts of Vavuniya, Mannar and Jaffna and Kilinochchi.

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Thank you very much our real

Thank you very much our real and old friend China. You may get excellent from all in near future. That is all Sri Lankan's will. Triple Gems Bless all Chinese.

China and Sri Lanka have

China and Sri Lanka have maintainrd cultural ties for centuries and they have been there for each other at all times. While thanking countries like China and Australia, we must not forget the fact that we have never heard of the Tamil Diaspora collecting money or carrying out any form of benefit activities for the Internally Displaced in Sri Lanka, who are almost tamils.

We hear of what GOSL and UN are doing. We hear of how armed forces are assisting them. We even hear of Sinhalese in the Southern parts of Sri Lanka collecting whatever is useful for these displaced people who have been recently saved from the hands of the LTTE. We hear about the Sinhalese organisations abroad collecting money to support them.

I am yet to hear about a single Tamil Diaspora organisation collecting funds to support this mass exodus from the LTTE held areas.

This is evidence that Tamil Diaspora do not care for the ordinary Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

While we have to be thankful

While we have to be thankful to China for being Sri Lanka's friend, we must consider other countries that have contributed as well. Despite India playing strange politics, they have provided substantial assistance in kind, and personnel like doctors and nurses to work in hospitals in affected areas. Australia probably tops the list with 23.5 million dollars sinec December last year. They have generally put money where their mouth is unlike some other countries in the West. Cananda has given or pledged $ 10 million. Its not known how much the UK and USA has given despite their loud mouths and concern about civilians.

A friend indeed!

A friend indeed!