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Prabhakaran body recovered?

By Asian Tribune Team

Colombo, 17 May, ( Latest report emerging from the war zone reveals that Prabhakaran’s body has been recovered and it has been flown to an Army camp in Colombo for DNA testing and to confirm it medically.

At the time of filing this report it is learnt that Sri Lankan Army has so far recovered more than 35 dead bodies of the Tigers and they continue to collect more bodies.

It is learnt that except for Dwaraka, the only daughter of Prabhakaran who is away somewhere in Dublin for her higher studies, said to be holding a Swedish Nationality Passport, all the other members of the family - Prabhakaran (father), Charles Anthony (son), Balachandran (son) and Mathivathani(wife) have deceased according to an unconfirmed report emerging from an army source, who wanted to remain anonymous.

In the meantime, Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa who arrived early this morning and received a heroic welcome at the international airport at Katunayake, will not be delivering an address to the nation as earlier planned.

According to a source in the Presidential Secretariat, it is now learnt that he will be filing a report in the Sri Lanka Parliament on Tuesday 19 May, regarding victory over the Tamil Tigers and the end of the three decade old scourge of terrorism in the country.

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Sarath It may be a great


It may be a great relief for the Tamil people who have been held as a shield in the first place.

Straight to HELL! It's wide

Straight to HELL!
It's wide open for Prabakaran!!!

Now the western bullies, NGO

Now the western bullies, NGO peacnicks and other bogus Human Rights groups will start singing a different tune. First and foremost about war crimes and then packages to pacify separatists. Mahinda Rajapakse has shown upto now he is a leader with a backbone and I expect him to remain like this for a few more years to weather this storm.