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LTTE Leaders confined to square kilometers- Military spokesman

From Ravi Ladduwahetty in Sri Lanka

Colombo, 09 February, ( The LTTE Leaders are now confined to a geographical expanse of a mere 45 square kilometers, Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told ‘Asian Tribune’.

There is heavy fighting in the Pudukudirippu areas and they are now confined to the sea area between Chalai South and Mullaitivu and it is also established that the LTTE Leaders have not escaped from this limited area, he said.

The 12,000 strong troops from the 53 and 58 Brigades have inflicted heavy casualties on the LTTE from fierce battles between Thursday night till Saturday where over 100 LTTE cadres were killed of which 50 bodies and 111 T-56 assault rifles were found in this morning, the Brigadier said.

There have also been 30 Security Forces personnel injured in the attacks.

The LTTE, which is restricted to 500 cadres and with leaders Swarnam and Lawrence also joining the battles, is now desperate and they are forcibly recruiting civilians to join the fighting which also includes those in the LTTE areas who are attempting to cross over to the liberated areas, he said.

Commenting on the civilians who have crossed over to the liberated areas, he said that a total of 38,000 have crossed over to the Army controlled areas which also included 561 of them who have been ferried by six boats to Point Pedro. They have been settled in IDP camps in Jaffna, Vavuniya and Mannar.

Essentials have been ferried consistently where there was a consignment of 500 tonnes of rice, dhal and other essentials with medicine have also been transported yesterday. The food is sent to Trincomalee by ship ad then unloaded into boats in the beach from where they are distributed, he said.

These returning vessels also bring in sick and are transported to the Trincomalee hospital.

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