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Sri Lanaka: Two day pause in the military operation – a nonstarter

Colombo, 15 April, ( LTTE’s Insincerity and blame game quietly ended the two day pause in military actions against them.

The two day pause in the military operation against the Tamil Tigers ended quietly without any untoward events. Tamil Tigers kept the innocent Tamil civilians as hostages and prevented them from leaving for their safety.

But in the meantime, while dismissing the two day pause on military operations by the Sri Lanka Government 'insincere,' Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has made use of the opportunity to take adequate measures to fortify the no – fire - zone area and also prevented civilians from leaving to the Government held area for safety.

Sri Lanka Government spokesman told Asian Tribune that during 48 hours of the pause in military operation, the LTTE kept the Tamil civilian busy by forcing them to construct earth bund on the lagoon side and also fortified the no fire zone area.

According to the battlefield reports troops on the frontlines had to remain at their defensive positions both- day long as LTTE fired small arms and heavy machine guns continuously.

A soldier of the 58 Division lost his life due to a sniper shot while two others of 53 Division suffered injuries in shelling.
Meanwhile, troops manning the rear areas have stepped up de-mining and clearing operations in the areas previously occupied by the Tamil Tigers. Troops removed 12 anti personnel (AP) mines , one hand grenade, 200 ammunition used for T-56 rifles, 3 claymore mines, and one RPG bomb.

The political division of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in a statement alleged "the Sri Lanka government’s unilateral announcement of a two-day ceasefire, dt.13th and 14th April 2009, is merely an act of hoodwinking. Sri Lanka government announced this ceasefire to create a scenario as if it was heeding to the request of the international community and also rendering a service to the Tamils trapped in the Sinhala military siege."

The LTTE, a proclaimed terrorist’s organization banned in several countries and also in Sri Lanka reiterated its demand for a permanent ceasefire 'encompassing a sensible military and political essence'.

The LTTE the non-state actor was given a due weight-age by the Ceasefire Agreement of February 2002, but failed earlier to make the maximum out of the ceasefire agreement because of its impudent and recalcitrant approach, is now one more time demanding for another opportunity, which Sri Lanka has flatly rejected and sternly told to lay down arms and return to democratic mainstream of politics.

- Asian Tribune -

Whilst condeming the fatal

Whilst condeming the fatal attacks on the innocent civillians in Buththala & Soldiers in Mulathiv during these two day Cease Fire, now Norway & the International Trumpet Blowers for the LTTE can realise the meaning of a Cease Fire extended for the LTTE, which they have been asking for so long.

Where are those trumpets now, after the attacks on the Norwaigian Embassy?. Silent Eh!, since there were no LTTE rats hiding inside that Embassy, only Hooligans outside with Hammers & Clubs. I have heard of & seen many Jokes or Acts of Comedy before. Is not this the biggest Joke? Gamini

Sarath No ceasefire should


No ceasefire should be extended byoned two days to LTTE terrorists by any means. They have not showm any positive reaction to it. Instead, just issue statements to the interantional community to mislead them as has been done through the history. Therfore, considering these matters, humanitarian operation should immediately be begun by the Sri Lankan forces and put an end to LTTE terrorism in order to teach a lesson to the international community who still want to keep the war going in this land.

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