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LTTE confined to 73 square kilometres


Troops seize LTTE’s main power generating centre


Terrorist weapons recovered from a house

  Powerful explosives found in the shattered terrorist airplane
  Valachchenai Fisheries Harbour launched
  Alliance wins the Puttalam District
  News Archive 2009-02-21
  Updated on Sunday, February 22nd 2009; 21:30 Hrs. SST (16:00 Hrs. GMT)
  Troops seize LTTE’s main power generating centre

The Security Forces have seized the main power generating plant which supplied electricity to many bomb factories of the terrorists. Our Representative Sujith Vithana Pathirana said that it was located close to the Puthukudiyiruppu town.

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Reporting from the battle zone, he said the troops seized the power generating centre and a factory which had undertaken various productions. It was located within the thick jungles in the vicinity of the Puthukudiyiruppu town. There were five large scale generators and many modern machinery within the camp. The LTTE had used these modern machinery to produce various items. The problem is as to how the terrorists acquired this machinery. The troops of the 20th Infantry Regiment of Task Force Four headed by Col. Nishantha Wanniarachchi and under the guidance of the 642nd Brigade of Lt. Col. Randuna Hathnagoda succeeded in capturing the location. The Army said that the LTTE had been running this centre for a long period. Many NGOs under the guise of supporting the innocent civilians are reported to have been operating in the area. There were eight permanent building complexes within the camp. All these were camouflaged to prevent the Air Force from monitoring the location. These were luxurious buildings.


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