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Fighting rages around terror final stand off; troops poised to rescue civilians under terror clutches - Puthukkudduyiruppu

Sri Lanka Defence

Troops of 58 Division, spearheading the battle yesterday (Mar 19) withstood intense resistance from the terrorists

Sri Lanka Army offensive division have now encircled the last standoff of the LTTE terrorists located west of the No Fire Zone, in the Puthukkudduyiruppu East, reveal battlefield sources.

Troops of 58 Division, spearheading the battle yesterday (Mar 19) withstood intense resistance from the terrorists but continued piercing terror defences inflicting heavy damages to the enemy.

According to the sources, infantrymen of 9 Gamunu Watch found 11 bodies of LTTE cadres, 17 T-56 weapons, and 26 hand grenades after daylong clashes with the terrorists in the general area Puthukkudduyiruppu East.

The small under water vehicle designed for one person captured by the troops of 7 SLSR in a abandoned sea tiger base located in Puthukkudduyiruppu East.

Separately, 7 Sinha Regiment soldiers captured number of military communication equipment following clashes ensued in the Iranapali South area. Among the items found were, three communication repeaters, two base stations [cougar 9600], one man-pack [cougar], and two man-pack [TRC 1077].

The snipers deployed in the forward areas of the same 58 Division's area of responsibility reported acquisition of 13 terror targets during the day.

Also, troops found a sea- tiger base abandoned by the terrorists located in the Puthukkudduyiruppu East general area. There the soldiers found sophisticated communication equipment, satellite dish antennas, an improvised boat, a small under water vehicle designed for one person, computers, etc. More information on this will follow.

The number of civilians rescued by the 58 Division soldiers for the day is 1983. The group includes 1056 females, and 927 males with large number of children.

Troops of 7 SLSR have found military communication equipment from genera area Iranapali South. 3 x Communication repeaters, 2 x base stations [cougar 9600] and 1 x man-pack [cougar], and 2 x man-pack [TRC 1077] were among the items



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