PHR want permission to visit welfare camps, hospitals
The Parliamentarians for Human Rights urged the government to give them permission to visit the welfare camps and hospitals of Vavuniya and Mannar. The group said they merely wanted to go on a fact finding mission to the two areas owing to disparities in information that was coming from the areas.

General Secretary of Parliamentarians for Human Rights Dr. Jayalath Jayawardana told media yesterday that there were differences in facts and figures given by the government, the ICRC and the UN. "The government need not worry that we would upset things. We merely want to go and meet the people and talk to them," he said.

If members of the government could go, if foreign envoys could go and if the President could even invite the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu to pay a visit to these areas then what is wrong in parliamentarians from opposition parties visiting the Wanni? "We will not come and distort the information just because we have parliamentary privilege or because we are in the opposition," he said.

The PHR includes members from the UNP, SLMC, TNA and DPF. It consists of 37 members out of the 225 members of Parliament.

Jayawardana said that the PHR merely wanted to assess the attention and care given to IDPs and how they are looked after. "Just to ensure that the government is really doing as they claim to be doing," he said.

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