‘The Tigers collapse’
I thnaks Shamindra Ferdinando for his excellent article under the above title summarising the military and political activities of the Government over the past three years. The country should be  ever grateful  to the Rajapaksas and Fonseka. The English speaking elite and also the not so elite in Colombo have been misguided by the UNP with the assistance of some sections of the Catholic Church, Business Community  and the English and European countries. But I can’t understand how the Sinhala people, mainly from outside Colombo can support the UNP.

However, now that the war is coming to an end, the masses should  unite and help develop the country and the economy. In a prosperous society people would not have reason to rebel. I am sure the Rajapaksa brothers and the current commanders of the Armed Forces will guide the country towards development. This task will become easier if the media plays a constructive  role within its democratic responsibilities and side line the spoilers like Attanayake, Kiriella, Wickremasinha Samaraweera and the rest.

Ronnie Waduge

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