Tigers in sheep's clothing

Thursday, April 23, 2009 Leave a Comment

By Malin Abeyatunge

(April 24, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Island in its editorial (23/4/2009) quite rightly described the two LTTE leaders Daya Master and George as Tigers in sheep’s clothing. We have given Daya master a lease of life once and now he has gotten his second lease of life along with George master. One can imagine how ungrateful Daya Master is when even after receiving best of health care under Ranil’s Government he had the audacity to go back and join Prabhakaran’s killing machine against the people of Sri Lanka.

Can we trust this two top Tigers? Can’t it be another ploy of them to surrender and feed whatever the inner information of the movements of the army to dying LTTE? Or are both planning a Karuna and Pillayan stunt to become future chief ministers and ministers? These two are not the ordinary Tamil tigers who receive orders from top but belong to the top hierarchy who give orders to kill. In other words, they are not that innocent as we think but who has blood in their hands and the Police should treat them as criminals and bring them to justice under the existing laws on terrorism. They may be knowing where exactly Prabhakaran is hiding and if they show any ignorance of whereabouts of Prabha, we should give them water treatment used by Bush Administration and now endorsed even by Obama Administration to get the truth out of them.

Tamil Civilians fleeing in thousands

The exodus of Tamil civilians fleeing from LTTE captivity in thousands risking their lives being gunned down by LTTE shows the world that they are willingly leaving the LTTE territory and don’t want to live under the LTTE tyranny any more. The Tamil Diaspora who are trying to tell the International Community with rallies and demos in big cities will have to hide their faces as the reality is just the contrary to what they shout for.

Should we sacrifice our soldiers further to save a few Tamil civilians?

The armed forces may be in a dilemma whether to sacrifice their skilled soldiers for the sake of saving few civilians or bombard Prabhakaran’s hide outs to get him dead or alive. Over the last two months, in order to protect the Tamil civilians which Prabhakaran does not care, our armed forces would have a paid price with many casualties. But how long are we going to sacrifice our soldiers to save a few Tamil civilians? How do we know that some of them have stayed back willingly to join the Tamil Tigers? I believe that our armed forces should bombard the Tamil Tiger hide outs even at the risk of getting some civilians killed in cross fire which cannot be avoided in a war situation. In fact if any civilians get killed in attempt to get Prabhakaran, America or the NATO countries cannot find any fault with us as they are killing civilians in tens and hundreds daily in Afghanistan to get Osama bin Laden and thousands innocent civilians were killed in Iraq to get Sadam Hussein. So hang the voice of international community, let’s do it once and for all to get Prabha and Pottu Amman dead than alive.
-Sri Lanka Guardian