Tiger Diaspora’s wolf alarms misfire miserably

Thursday, April 16, 2009 Leave a Comment

By Jacinta Cruz and Susan Mathai

(April 17, New Delhi, Sri Lanka Guardian) When we take up a cause especially those that are of extremely serious implications such as those that affect the well being and interests of nations and peoples, we have to ensure utmost integrity in our reports. It should not even be some people fooling with false reports all the people all the time or all the people fooling some people all the time.

However, it is said that all the people cannot fool all the people all the time and the LTTE and their supporters must understand they stand exposed as a brutal terror force and certainly not a liberation ideologists.

During the last few months we have been reading reports and observations about Wanni from various sources and most tragically even certain international organizations including the United Nations that proved pathetically inadequate in respect of what is exactly happening in Sri Lanka where the country’s government is pitched in a battle against the most ruthless terrorist force in the world.

Probably, they had their preconceived purposes or some dubious interests to serve. Their reports are unashamedly mischievous intended no doubt to mislead to ensure that the LTTE is protected and that would be against the people of Sri Lanka and even India.

Those who attack the Sri Lankan government must understand that it is elected by the people, extremely popular as was seen in the recent local polls and has a responsibility to defend and protect the democratic process even if it has to call for the armed forces to meet any kind of armed threats. In this context, how can a terrorist group be allowed to be recognized as the sole voice of the Tamils at the point of the gun? This terrorist group, namely the LTTE, has a history of assassinating democratically elected Tamil politicians all because it wanted to be the sole voice of the Tamils cheating the democratic political process.

Madam Navaneetham Pillay of the UN Human Rights organization gave the first indication that there was something suspect. She abused her position and submitted a report without a doubt against the Government of Sri Lanka. One cannot excuse her by saying that she had not done her homework properly.

Her report gave comfort to a terrorist gang as was seen in the data she submitted solely from LTTE terrorist sources. There was Arundhati Roy who should have known better. There were the Norwegians and the Catholic clergy who were in great hurry to blame the Government of Sri Lanka more than the LTTE.

It took a long time for the Under Secretary of the United Nations to realize where the blame should be placed in its entirety. In the meantime Tiger-funded organizations raised a massive uproar and organized arrogant protests in countries that gave refuge to thousands of Tamils whose main reason for fleeing Sri Lanka was the Tigers. These organizations have amassed millions through various ways and have helped the growth of the Tiger terrorists in Sri Lanka and to obtain all kinds of sophisticated war material and deadly weapons.

In Canada for example, the World Tamil Movement and the Tamil Eelam Society milked the federal and the provincial governments by millions in the name of grant for community work that ended into the coffers of the LTTE and also enriched those who controlled these two organizations. There are many smaller organizations too that literally robbed the taxpayers coffers under some pretexts or other.

Sadly some Metro Toronto Liberal Members of Parliament reflected themselves in the activities of LTTE organizations and even the former Prime Minister Paul Martin and MP Maria Minna attended an LTTE terrorist fund-raising dinner of the Federation of Associations of Ceylon Tamils (FACT) that was formed out of a group of LTTE organizations. It was known that the government of the day did not take seriously the warnings given by the country’s security services of the growing danger of Tiger terrorism.

Finally, this has spilt over in the streets of Ottawa where LTTE demonstrations are being held defying all decencies of democratic expression, and the public conduct of the protesters are indeed sickening. Inquiries give the impression that a major purpose of the demonstration was to be a nuisance factor to the public which goes totally against how Canada has developed traditions as to how issues must be expressed in public.

Tiger organizations in Canada aided by the government funded Community Multicultural Radio – CMR – urged the Tamils to demonstrate in Ottawa stating that Government of Sri Lanka was committing genocide against the Tamils, sterilizing Tamil women, Tamils are held in concentration camps and the final solution was on the way. Despite all the information available to the contrary, these are brazenly ignored and demonstrations are held and only to demand ceasefire.

The kind of ceasefire they want is only to save the LTTE Supremo Prabhakaran and his terror gang and to give them a new of life. The LTTE has a history of breaching ceasefires and in consequence had caused the deaths of political opponents and massacred considerable numbers of Tamils and Sinhalese.

In fact the LTTE has already readied itself to repeat the same, certain that they would achieve ceasefire through such pressures that we are witnessing now. Those who demand ceasefire among the Diaspora and also some international agencies and organizations want to ensure a comeback of the LTTE and towards this, LTTE has squirreled deadly arms underground. Once they obtain ceasefire the LTTE will be up its old game of terror. If the LTTE is indeed interested in the well being of the Tamils, it has only one option and that is to put down the arms and surrender.

The pro-LTTE demonstrators do not even have an iota of compassion for the human shield victims of the Tigers in Wanni. Are they not aware that if the Armed Forces had wanted, they could have simply gone through and finished this war but at the cost of many civilian lives long ago. The war is being purposely held in control to enable the civilians to escape and many possible routes are being created for that purpose.

It is the LTTE that is firing at the escapees and those injured are rushed by the army medicos to the nearest hospitals. The irony here is that the LTTE shoots the escapees to kill and the army medicos rush at great risks to save them and provide immediate medical attention.

Instead of wasting their time in Ottawa and making a nuisance of themselves and disgracefully despoiling the washrooms of the restaurants in the vicinity, it is better for the demonstrators to get back home and inform themselves of what exactly is happening in Wanni. The way the washrooms are used without any consideration for other users and the owners of the restaurants is a true reflection of the people displaying loudly and garishly the Tiger standards specially imported from China three dollar a piece and sold twenty times that price to raise funds for the Tigers.

Now that it has been exposed that there is no genocide, no sterilization of women, no concentration camps and no such thing as searching for a final solution and even western governments and UN officials have seen through the conspiracy of the intent and purpose of these demonstrations, the proverbial wolf alarm has come to the obvious reality.

Government of Sri Lanka is courageously engaged in a final solution to terrorism in and deserves the support of the nations of the world. How Sri Lanka is handling terrorism should be the inspiration to countries even those like the US to follow suit.


-Sri Lanka Guardian