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Radar info proves mortars fired at civilians were by LTTE: SL Army

Ruwan Weerakoon from Colombo

Colombo, 11 May, ( The news story carried by certain Foreign news agencies alleging that 378 civilians were killed and 1,122 injured due to artillery shelling by the Sri Lanka Army on a hospital at Vellamullivaikkal in Mullaitivu has been strongly denied by the Sri Lanka Army.

The news reports quoted a government doctor named Dr. V. Shanmugarajah working within the No Fire Zone. This raises doubts as to the veracity of the story. Sources say that the doctor had spoken to the journalist based in Colombo by a satellite phone.

The Health Ministry says that it has not provided any satellite (or sat) phones to any of the ministry officials in the conflict zone.

This raises doubts whether this Dr. V. Shanmugarajah is really a government doctor? If so, whether he has been forcibly detained to work for the LTTE. These types of sat phones are normally used only by the LTTE and it may have forced the doctor to speak to the journalist and relay false and distorted information to gain international attention, sources said.

Sri Lanka military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara says that they possess radar information to prove this fact. The spokesman told Asian Tribune that the LTTE who have positioned their mortar launchers in the previously declared 'Safe Zone' fired mortars towards innocent civilians in the re-demarcated 'New Safe Zone' this morning. The LTTE mortar fire had commenced around 9.00 am and continued till about 10.00 am.

The aim of this despicable false campaign was to portray to the outside world that the Sri Lankan army was still deploying heavy weapons to fire at the government declared ‘Safe Zone’.

Information obtained through the SL Army’s mortar locating radars or Artillery Radar, Electronic Ray Mechanism detected these mortar attacks as originating from within Tiger controlled areas in the Safe Zone. Electronic Ray Mechanism radar data can proof that LTTE Terrorist attack by mortars towards civilians.

Meanwhile, 685 civilians escaped from the clutches of the LTTE and reached army controlled areas in Karayanmullivaikkal civilians reached the troops in Mullaittivu north on Sunday (May 10) morning. When they reach the Government control area it was observed that four of those civilians had sustained serious gunshot injuries due to LTTE fire. They were rushed to Anuradhapura Hospital for further treatment.

LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran and his remaining second rung leaders are a desperate lot while being restricted to a mere 3 area within the safe zone and are taking cover behind civilians. They very well know that without the civilian shield, they do not stand any chance whatsoever against the military.

While forcibly detaining the civilians as hostages, the LTTE tells the world that the very same civilians do not want to leave the safe zone towards the government controlled areas. If this is the truth, then how come On 20th and 21 st of April nearly 200,000 of those civilians earlier in the No Fire Zone have crossed over to the military controlled areas?

Furthermore, LTTE communications intercepted by the military confirmed the truth behind the incident which occurred on Saturday (May 9) at 3.40 am. The conversation among the Tiger cadres further confirmed that the LTTE was forcibly keeping civilians under its captivity, preventing them from escaping its clutches.

The following communication among the LTTE cadres through their communication sets was intercepted by the Army Intelligence at 3.40 am on Saturday.

Sinduran: "Twenty captured, more are coming, cannot control, send more to control".

Priyalan: "Stop whatever way possible".

Again at 3.50 am the following conversation ensued:

Sinduran: Send a vehicle to send back captured twenty.

Anburasan: Milravan Master was sent with a vehicle.

Again at 6.15 am the following:

Thirumalai Master: How so many were injured?

Sinduran: Couldn't control, large number came, we had to fire at them.

The above dialogue among the Tiger cadres tells of the desperate attempts the LTTE resorts to keep the civilians with them as a cover. And every time it fails to prevent the fleeing civilians, it opens fire and spreads the canard through interested news agencies who are back for LTTE Terrorist to put the blame entirely on the Sri Lankan security forces.

- Asian Tribune -

If they are in possession of

If they are in possession of irrefutable proof to show that the LTTE fired artillery and mortars at the civillians, SLG should hand over such evidence to UN as soon as possible.

Right now it seems that the

Right now it seems that the Sri Lanka government's public relations and information capacity has either come to a standstill or is grinding to a halt.It is crucial to achieving the outcome it deserves for all the hard work done so far that the world be told of the truthful situation on the ground as things transpire rather than simply reacting belatedly to the news broken by the LTTE and forces sympathetic to their survival.It is rather disappointing to see the poor state of affairs that is in place about managing the public debate and accurately putting out to the world the governments point of view and plans for peace and resettlement of the displaced people.By any standard a task of this magnitude must be handled better given the Tamil diaspora's capacity to distort the truth to devastating effect,a matter that must be treated with an effective and timely strategy.If this means hiring publicist and crisis managers of repute this has to be done.Otherwise as the saying goes "we will win the battle but lose the war".

The response is not strong

The response is not strong enough to counter the propaganda; it is not very appealing, nor is it very convincing. We got three excellent commanders and a determined secretary of defence to coordinate things. Unfortunately, we are not blessed with diplomatic men who can talk in a meaningful way to convince an audience. The process of thinking in Sinhala, then doing the translation into English inside head and spitting some boring stuff out, makes no impact on a global audience. The government is doing an excellent job in rescuing these poor people and feeding them despite shortages on many fronts and our diplomats ruin everything by showing the colloquial impotence. I don't understand why we can't appoint spokesmen for these missions; even aid agencies who cry wolf have these verbal geniuses.

Mr Sarath You could

Mr Sarath

You could criticise me in whatever you want. Even this criticism seem to be biased.

That's precisely the problem. I've been following Asiantribune for some time. People like Sarath does not like to evaluate concepts and issues, they try to evade this by evaluating people and criticising them in an attempt to silence them. I'm not sure that this is democratic.

GOSL must release all

GOSL must release all photographic evidence it possess so that the world can see.

Sarath It appears that the


It appears that the common Asian, S.K, who has written a comment for the news item ‘Radar info proves mortars fired at civilians were by LTTE: SL Army’ published in Asian Tribune, totally lacks common sense and cognition to realize what has happened and is now happening in countries like Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the whole world. He/she seems to be an ardent reader of Tamilnet that is why he/she makes a comparison between Asian Tribune and Tamilnet which is the one and only media channels through which the LTTE disseminates its bogus news and misinformation concerning the war situation prevailing in the northeastern part of Sri Lanka to mislead people like SK and the international community. It is doubtful about the understanding of SK regarding LTTE and the Tamil civilians. What SK further lacks is the sensitivity to the human issues. I wonder where has this person been lying all these days and if he noticed anything about the hostage rescue operation going on in Sri Lanka. As far as the accuracy and fairness of information is concerned, I believe that Asian Tribune can never be compared with Tamilnet on any ground. SK has made an vague attempt to do so. This shows that SK’s naivety in one hand, on the other, his underlying objective in which he is trying to say that Sri Lanka should allow independent media to intrude the area where the operation is going on. I do not know what he means by independent. Where on earth do independent media exist? What criteria does he use to separate independent from bias media? I feel that he needs to be educated from the beginning to make him convinced the reality in issues like the above. Everybody is aware that what the so-called independent media has done in many countries where there were or are war situations. What those independent media need is to sell their news concerning such issues to the world in order to make their businesses thrive in the competitive market where everything is valued in terms of money no on humanity. If this simple matter can not be understood, what we have to record here is nothing but our sympathy to persons like SK who still remains in the dark appreciating it rather than finding a way out of it.

A common asian from outside

A common asian from outside Srilanka has to form an opinion on Srilankan government and this war based on Asiantribune and Tamilnet.

They both seen to be biased. What will he do?

Srilankan government should allow independent news channels into the region to report on the war. This type of news censorship doesn't help.

Who is this Dr.

Who is this Dr. Shanmugaraja, and why did not he report the actual conditions of these civilians held by the LTTE. According to SLA recordings it seems were done by LTTE themselves. If one analyse the situation, by killing their own people LTTE is the only one who can gain advantage by bogus propaganda. How about LTTE releasing these civilians, lay down their arms and surrender. All this mayhem is happening because of LTTE holding on the civilians. If they lay down the arms there is no war. Please emphasis there is no blame of SLA; it is only the LTTE who is creating this mockery by holding on to civilians.

One more killing spree by

One more killing spree by the LTTE for the sake of ELAAM

Perfect timimg for the Indian Election, and for Jayalalitha and Karu to collect their
much needed votes.