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Sri Lanka President rejected British Premiers request for a ceasefire

Colombo, 22 April, ( There was no need for pause in the military action, Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapaksa has said with determination and finality. Also President rejected the British appointed special envoy to Sri Lanka.

The request by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown for a pause in military action was deemed as unnecessary by President Mahinda Rajapaksa considering the unexpected exodus of 35,000 civilians to the cleared areas from the No Fire Zone (NFZ). President Rajapaksa told British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

During a telephone conversation initiated by the British Prime Minister, on 20 April, President Mahinda Rajapaksa explained that the people took to fleeing to the cleared areas amidst shooting and other forms of intimidation by the LTTE, now holed up in the No Fire Zone. Subsequently by evening hours, another 5,000 people had moved out of the NFZ along the beach front to the North, he said.

President Rajapaksa observed that this movement of civilians had evoked a completely new situation and he had instructed that additional consignments of food, medicine and other essentials be dispatched to these civilians are now sheltered.

Sri Lanka President pointed out that he has a responsibility to take care of the welfare of these civilians and is committed to providing the required facilities and conditions. He assured the British Prime Minister that these displaced persons would be re-settled in their areas of habitation within the shortest possible time, following the clearance of landmines, which is being done with the assistance of the UN, and when the environment is secured. He also referred to the need for infrastructure development in Kilinochchi and other areas that had been under LTTE control all these years.

With regard to the political process, President Rajapaksa outlined that once terrorism has been eliminated, political proposals in terms of the Sri Lankan agenda, which are at present being formulated will be presented. He elaborated that already steps had been taken to implement the 13th amendment to the Constitution. He hoped that the Tamil National Alliance which had hitherto rejected his invitation to participate in political consultations would participate in this process in the near future. The President also explained to the British Prime Minister that he envisages the holding of Local government elections in the district of Jaffna within the next two months.

On inquiry by Prime Minister Brown with regard to the status of his Special Envoy to Sri Lanka, President Rajapaksa informed that Sri Lanka’s position on the non-acceptability of the said appointment remained unchanged.

The President stated that this situation had been further compounded with the participation of the appointee at a Conference held in London recently where it was resolved to establish a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam, which is the doctrine of the LTTE, and the remarks he had made therein. He stated, however, that in deference to the traditional warm relations between the two countries, that while there is a standing invitation from Sri Lanka to the UK for a high level visit, a cross-party parliamentary delegation could also undertake a visit for which the timing could be worked out through diplomatic channels.

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Mr Rajapakse , you have done

Mr Rajapakse , you have done what many could not do in the world, giving the Cancer back to Britain, now they have to saddle with it, while we happily live tother in Sri Lanka.

I urge our PM Gordon Brown

I urge our PM Gordon Brown MP to clear our London streets from the LTTE supporters, who are demonstrating with UK banned LTTE flags up. What if Briish National Party(BNP), British Coal Miners or anti Jew protesters marched on our London streets without permission? They will be arrested or killed like what happened during the G20 summit. Why is this special favour for the LTTE? Is that because there are a handfull of Tamil Voters in the UK. I have been voing Labour since 1975. Now I have my doubts, I think you have added 2 more votes for Mr David Cameroon MP (Conservative) in the next General Election. Gamini (ex-labour voter)

It is unfortunate that

It is unfortunate that Britain is still vacillating in making it clear to all that the LTTE should give up their military campaign. An unequivocal statement to this effect is what is needed from Britain. Failure on the part of Britain and some other countries to do this has given the LTTE one gasp of hope that they can hold the Sri Lankan government at bay and not allow them to complete the military campaign to eradicate terrorism from Sri Lanka. Had these countries done what they should have done, the LTTE would have had to give up their armed campaign sometime ago, and many civilians would have been spared their lives and their suffering in such terrible circumstances. Whatever the fall out from the brave stand taken by President Rajapaksa, he has brought dignity and honour to Sri Lankans, to stand upright in the face of such bullying tactics from powerful western countries. The West has pushed Sri Lanka towards those who are not the best of friends of the West. Its not Sri Lanka that did this, it is the West.

We have been neglected for

We have been neglected for nearly 30 years... threatend by LTTE & other countries over 30 years... and finally a true smart leader came to save us. He is doing the right job.

He knows how to treat all Sri lankans equally. He has a clear vision. He has a clear objective. The whole country approves it. Only the LTTE supporters would feel uncomfortable about it.

The world should praise the Sri Lankan government and SL forces for the way they are handling the terrorist problem, while taking care of civilians.

The British govt must have studied the situation before suggesting this kind of political jokes, apparently backed by tiger-supporting-big-countries. British officials seems insulting the pride and reputation of their country for some unknown reason.

The British government

The British government should first explain from where it derived a right to appoint a special envoy with no concurrence from Sri Lanka. No diplomat can function without the host country accepting his/her credentials and any attempt to appoint such an envoy in the face of opposition from the Sri Lankan government will be interfering with the sovereignty of an independent nation.

Could Sri Lanka have appointed a special envoy to deal the Falklands issue or the Northern Ireland issue?

Wake up Britain, Sri Lanka is no longer a colony of yours. It can and will deal with this terrorist menace efficiently and manfully. The world can learn from Sri Lanka how to distinguish between an ethnic or racial issue and a terrorist issue and effectively deal with it.

What is needed now is not a ceasefire but an all out effort to eradicate once and for all the scourge of Prabhakaran and his terror lords and help the ordinary Tamil persons to live peacefully. Let any assistance from Britain (and others like US, Norway, etc.) be towards rehabilitation of the whole country, including the north and east.

Dear President Rajapakse, it

Dear President Rajapakse, it gives a sense of pride to srilankan identity the way you handle this situation. You have infuse backbone and positive energy to our country. All international JOKERS including British in the past tried to meddle with our affairs. Our JOKER too contributed to this in the past. However, Mr President the way you conduct afffirs locally and internationally "srilankan" way is excellent. Majority openion supports you. You are doing fine. Just do it.

Britsh Bums... There is only

Britsh Bums...
There is only few more hours to remain to see the end of LTTE..
You do not have to warry about this...

Britsh Bumps... There is

Britsh Bumps...
There is only few more hours to remain to see the end of LTTE..
You do not have to warry about this...

We should not care these

We should not care these british bumps...
They trying to create a live hell in Sri Lanka...
They do not need to see the end of this issue...
They need to use this issue to steal our assets as their theaf Kings and queens did during Colonial duration...

As a British Citizen,

As a British Citizen, Ex-Patriate Sri Lankan I urge our PM Gordon Brown MP to leave Sri Lanka(SL) alone. SL is doing fine right now, give SL Armed Forces two more days and every thing will be sorted. Gamini

Before sending observers

Before sending observers peace keepers to Sri Lanka where the government has been fighting separatists terrorists for nearly 40 years.

Britian, USA and their western euopean allies should:
* Sign a truce with the Islamists terrorists if you can not explain why not

* Deploy permanent peace keepers to West bank and Gaza. In order enforce a 2 state solution.

These are just 2 examples that come to mind straight away....I am sure there are many more examples....

If the western powers with ALL their resources are unwilling to negotiate with terrorists WHY do you ask a poor country with poor people who are fighting to defeat ethno-nationalistic separatists terrorits should negotiate...PLEASE EXPLAIN ?????

May You Live Long and Prosper

The British should pull out

The British should pull out from Iraq and Afganistan before even making such a suggestion. Why are they keeping troops in readiness in Northern Ireland? They must withdraw British Troops from Northern Ireland if that is the case. Gorden Brown must be speaking from his hind side, after sending such a lot of British Troops harms way over the last few years. Then who is accounting to the innocent Iraqis died due to advancing British and American troops. These people are shameless politicians, talking one thing and doing another. Just to apeace the Tamil Diaspora in England, I cannot understand how low these politicians can go for the votes.