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No way to flee - Mathivathani, Prabhakaran and two sons holed up in the safety zone

Colombo, 16 May, ( A latest intelligenceMathivathani & PrabhakaranMathivathani & Prabhakaran report reveals that Mathivathani, along with her eldest son Charles Anthony and youngest Balachandran are holed up in the New Safety Zone along with Prabhkaran.

Earlier it was rumored that Mathivathani, the wife of LTTE supremo Velupillai Prabakaran and Balachandran, the second son had slipped out of Sri Lanka . Unconfirmed reports revealed that they were sighted in Bangkok, Thailand.

But a senior Sri Lankan intelligence officer speaking with authority under condition of anonymity told Asian Tribune that Prabhkaran’s wife Mathivathani and his second son Balachandran are in the No-fire zone with Prabhakaran and eldest son Charles Anthony.

However Asian Tribune reliably learnt that Prabhakaran’s father Velupillai and mother have long ago managed to leave through Colombo to Denmark.

The Intelligence officer told Asian Tribune that there is no way out for Prabhakaran and his family to flee the Mullaitivu district as their movements are being closely monitored by Sri Lanka Defence Forces.

When asked how was it possible to monitor the activities of a highly valued target like Prabhakaran, he said that it was a very simple intelligence gathering and monitoring procedure and said they are in a position to monitor not only the activities and movements of Prabhakaran, but also that of the remaining two key officials – Soosai the Head of the Sea Tigers as well as Pottu Amman.

Asian Tribune also learnt that there were several moves by Prabhakaran and his family members along with the two senior level LTTE leaders to flee, but all those attempts were foiled by the vigilant Sri Lankan forces.

Earlier according to very reliable sources, the people connected with White Pigeon in London made frantic efforts to negotiate with the top Sri Lankan leadership to safeguard Prabhakaran and his family members. However the Sri Lankan leaders adamantly refused to entertain any desperate request put forward by the White Pigeon negotiators and clearly told that Prabhakaran must surrender and order his cadres to lay down their arms. File Photo 1997: Birthday ceremony of the second son BalachandranFile Photo 1997: Birthday ceremony of the second son Balachandran

Asian Tribune also learnt that a top level Sri Lankan Government leader has told that in case Prabhakaran surrenders, the law of the land will apply and the Government is prepared to consider granting an amnesty to the surviving LTTE cadres.

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If captured alive, prosecute

If captured alive, prosecute to the fullest extent of the law....and beyond.