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LTTE’s mysterious weapon uncovered - But How these weapons ended up in the hands of the LTTE?

By Ruwan Weerakoon from Colombo

Colombo, 07 April, ( April 3, as Sri Lanka Army troops were consolidating their hold on the remaining areas of Puthukdyiruppu, 10 LTTE Sea tiger boats were spotted heading towards the Mullaitivu shores. Immediately, Sri Lanka Navy boats from the Naval Base in Trincomalee arrived at the scene. As soon as they were sighted off the shores of the government declared ‘No fire Zone’ (NFZ), the LTTE boats opened fire at them. The Navy boats of the Rapid Deployment Boat Squadron (RDBS) returned fire.Recovered paddle guns in partsRecovered paddle guns in parts

After a brief exchange of fire, reports revealed that the Navy boats withdrew from the area of the NFZ and proceeded towards Nayaru north, east of Mullaitivu. Army troops stationed along the defence lines at the Mullaitivu coast had observed the movements and once the Navy boats withdrew, they trained their artillery fire at the LTTE boats. Two boats withdrew while another two were destroyed. The army recovered seven bodies of Tiger cadres after the battle and two more bodies were recovered the following morning.

On April 5, the Sri Lanka Army’s 58 Division recovered a four-barrel led 30mm cannon, or ‘Paddle Anti-aircraft gun’ used by the LTTE. But it was sans its barrels. The following day (Apr. 6) the four barrels too were recovered by troops. This gun has been identified as the ‘mysterious weapon’ often sighted by the Sri Lanka Air Force fighter pilots. They had seen a weapon firing at them during air raid missions, but were unable to identify it.

Now that it has been recovered while still in working condition, the multi-million dollar question is, "How did this weapon arrive in Sri Lanka? How many times has had the LTTE used this very same weapon against military aircraft and personnel, killing, maiming and wounding countless numbers of Army men?"

Recovered paddle gun  - some partsRecovered paddle gun - some parts

Some hints to this can be obtained through what some civilians who fled the Tiger-controlled areas to government held areas have told the military. They say that this weapon and much more were brought down by sea. So a heavy burden is cast on the Sri Lanka Navy to be more vigilant and terminate future shipments being brought into the No Fire Zone too.

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Sarath The above


The above sophisticatead weapons are the results of peace talks which Erick Solehime conducted with LTTE.

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The Truth is

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Nowegian tax payers money?