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LTTE's shocking use of white phosphorus targeting fleeing hostages

Hilary Rajakarunanayake, Editor – Sri Lanka, Asian Tribune

Colombo, 15 May, ( Substantial evidence has surfaced from the battlefront that LTTE terrorists are using white phosphorous as a weapon in reprehensible attacks at both hostages fleeing from the LTTE and advancing security forces, an Army source told the Asian Tribune today.

According to reliable ground information received, Tamil Tigers are reportedly laying large quantities of white phosphorus surrounding makeshift camps of hostages within the narrow strip of land it still holds, and are burying improvised bombs that would ultimately result in a humanitarian catastrophe, with the bomb explosions leading to phosphorous burns on both civilians and advancing troops.

"The use of such cowardly tactics is indeed worsening the unnecessary suffering of the hostages held at gunpoint and the indiscriminate use of such incendiary agents by the LTTE is reprehensible and should be noted by the international human rights community", an Army source said.

Meanwhile, 58 Division troops advancing along the A-35 main road, south of Rettavaikkal have recently uncovered a large haul of improvised phosphorous bombs, security sources said.

Protocol - III of the Geneva Convention on Certain Weapons 1980, prohibits and restricts the use of incendiary weapons: flame throwers, foul gasses, shells, rockets, grenades, mines, bombs and other containers of incendiary substances.

"What we are witnessing is outrageous and the worst exhibition of treachery against the very people it claimed to 'represent' over the years. Systematically the LTTE, an internationally banned terrorist outfit, has drawn the lines for the mass execution of Tamil civilians while crying out for a third party intervention to provide an escape route and sanctuary for the LTTE leader Prabhakaran and his band of terrorists".

LTTE terrorists are preparing the worst slaughter of civilians ever witnessed by the civilized world in modern times with the systematic use of hostages as a weapon of mass destruction, said defence observers today commenting on the unfolding human tragedy at Mullivaikkal.

- Asian Tribune -

I like to see tamil diaspora

I like to see tamil diaspora in the western world rally their respective governments to protest against this.

But there will be NO WORD

But there will be NO WORD against the LTTE whose fabrications are considered the TRUTH by the world's "humanitarian organizations" like AI and HRW, who it now emerges are the camouflaged protectors of the LTTE!

It is pure irony, what these organizations have come to....protecting a suicide terror group in order to preserve funding donations from them. What a cycle!!
The terror groups create the violence and then fund the organizations that purportedly protect civilians affected by the violence, but when push comes to shove it is the funding that speaks..
What a disappointment!
A good research project for someone!!

These are war crimes that

These are war crimes that should eventually be brought up against the LTTE hierarchy. The GoSL should collect all evidence of this and be ready to hand over to the relevant authorities after the tiger leadership is dealt with under Sri Lankan law.

Sarath In time to come LTTE


In time to come LTTE (though they are on the verge of death bed) will use all sorts of incendiary weapons and substances to safeguard them from the advancing SL forces and publish news and pictures in the Tamil net web and other websites including print media that is waiting to receive bogus and distorted news and information from LTTE and its supporters claiming that the above stated incendiary weapons or substances including bio-logical weapons were used or are being used to attack civilians by SL armies. Even now such news has been published in the saying that Sri Lankan government is using white phosphors to attack civilian refugees in makeshift camps which I could edit with the help of the article published in Asiatribune with the title of ‘LTTE's shocking use of white phosphorus targeting fleeing hostages’