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LTTE media Coordinator Daya Master and interpreter George surrenders to Sri Lanka Army

Colombo, 22 April, ( Latest report from Puthumathalan reveals, that Daya Master, LTTE’s Media coordinator and Late Tamilselvan’s interpreter George (Postmaster) have surrendered yesterday to the Sri Lanka Army after returning to Government controlled area in the company of the fleeing civilians.

In the meantime, in the past twelve hours ending Tuesday (21) at 8.30 p.m. another total of 21,534 trapped civilians in Puthumathalan, the "No Fire Zone" entered the cleared areas, held by Army troops, thereby increasing the entire total escapees to 62,609 during 20-21 April 2009.

58 Division troops received 48,501 civilians during those two days, 55 Division troops 10,743, 53 Division troops 98 and Naval troops a total of 3267 as of Tuesday (21) night. All of them have been transported to temporary shelters using over 175 odd state buses organized by the government.

Ministry of Defence on the instructions of Secretary Defence Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, one of the major brainchild behind the rescue operation in Puthumathalan, has taken steps to dispatch thousands of food packets including snacks to fleeing civilians. They were airlifted throughout the whole day time.

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At least now I hope the west

At least now I hope the west will acknowledge that the fighting going on in the north of Sri Lanka is a genuine attempt to liberate innocent Tamils from the clutches of murderous Prabhakaran.

If the one time media coordinator of the LTTE and their translator could surrender in confidence that they are better off with the Sri Lankan army than with the LTTE (having escaped with the fleeing civilians), what better proof should the west demand of the confidence Tamils place on the Sri Lankan army.

If anyone needed proof of who is airing the truth about the actual situation in that sliver of land now home to LTTE, they would do well to see the report filed by David Charter of Al Jazeera. He was reporting from a beach area within the conflict zone and had interviewed some of those who escaped the LTTE and they had described the situation with the LTTE as hellish and how the LTTE fired on them when they were escaping.

Well done Sri Lanka you have taught the world how to fight terrorism.

What more the west wants?

What more the west wants? The International Community and the NGO who has misled the world all this time better bite the bullet now. They are the people who misled the masses all this time. It is no different to Sadam Husain who was talking of mother of all battles when US entered the battlefield. It is all talk no action (NATO). The Ambassadors and the High Commissioners who saw in their own eyes how LTTE carders shooting at their own people should convey their knowledge to respective countries without misinterpreting. LTTE with the money poured by Diaspora was able to buy everything under the sun. They bought weapons, ammunition and other war material just for asking. More than that they bought prominent people, like the US senators available for a price, influence, and also the media. They managed to convey untruths and half truths through these people all around the world. Then there were Sinhalese media personal LTTE bought without much of a hazel. They also bought the Sinhalese politicians, the UNP, TULF and the TNA to tell a different story and making things difficult to the troops and the government.
At leaset now Tamils and the Sinhalese are entering into a new era. I am confident we, the Tamils can have a better chance to solve our problems with the Sri Lankan government. I know most of the of the problems we have are similar to that of Sinhalese in a global economy. We have to solve these problems for all Sri Lankans. The Tamils who took the opportunity to move to the west in large numbers do know how they are being treated, though they earn a few dollars more. They fully well know the discrimination meted out to them in these countries. Rather than using these opportunities to educate their children and integrating to these societies, the LTTE goons have forcefully kept them in their clutches for their own survival. How come all those LTTE money collectors had become so rich. In Canada the Markham millionaires are no secret. At least now the Tamil Diaspora should look at their future realistically without being racial; they would be able to use their new gained opportunities for the betterment of their children and the future generations.
Most Tamils know they are more recially prejudice than an averege Sri Lankan, and that is the reason most of the problems have generated.

Congragulation Sri

Congragulation Sri Lanka...
Long Life...
The president...All the Credits are for you...

mamy more to come

mamy more to come