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* “Do the Rest with Maximum Precautions,” Commander Tells His Vanni Chiefs::
[Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 07:51 pm SL Time]

“OFFENSIVES, inside the remaining entire un-cleared area of less than 45 sq km, inclusive of the reserved ‘Safety Zone’ for fleeing civilians should be carried out taking all possible safety precautions with utmost precision, since the number of civilians thronging into the area is now fast swelling,” so said Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka when he met his senior ground commanders Wednesday (4) morning at the Vanni Security Forces Headquarters in Vavuniya.

Impressed immensely with ground achievements hitherto, made by his troops, now confining the enemy to less than 20-25 sq km in extent, excluding the ‘Safety Zone’ further underlined importance of maintaining the status quo, as regards arrangements in place for receipt of fleeing civilians.

“LTTE infiltrators from rear areas would try their maximum to inflict injury on both civilians and ground troops alike after mingling with civilians on the flee, as they have already done in several instances. Their ability for frontal fighting as before has drastically diminished and the terror outfit has been badly affected due to lack of manpower and replenishments. They have now resorted to storming the ‘Safety Zone’ and abducting children of the escapees. Our progress from now onwards should be made meticulously, taking maximum precautions, keeping the civilian factor in mind at all times,” Commander of the Army specified during the meeting at Vanni Headquarters.

Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander Security Forces, Vanni after receipt of the Army Chief and his entourage at the air base presented a comprehensive account of the ground realities to the visiting Commander at the beginning of the weekly assessment. All General Officers Commanding, Brigade and other senior formation commanders also contributed to the session, providing all details and related images of LTTE atrocities, committed in their respective offensive areas.

Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka, pleased with the re-opening of the A-9 Highway for military logistics also instructed his troops to ensure maximum security for military convoys, as LTTE might turn to final suicidal missions in the face of their humiliating endgame.

* Military supplies & movements on A-9 ceremonially inaugurated as national flags flutter in glee::
[Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 00:21 am SL Time]

The Sri Lanka Army, born at the end of the Second World War and the dawn of Independence of the country marked one more milestone today (2nd March 2009) when it ceremoniously re-opened the A-9 Jaffna-Kandy Highway Main Supply Route (MSR) for military traffic after a lapse of twenty-four years.

Two brief but dignified military ceremonies in Anuradhapura, Omanthai in Vavuniya and Elephant Pass in Jaffna saw two convoys of the Sri Lanka Army troopers proceeding home on leave and back from leave meet each other on the way to exchange warm and memorable greetings since their overland tour assumed historic importance for Mother Lanka, plagued by the scourge of terrorism that spanned for over thirty years.

The Jaffna-bound convoy of valiant troops returning after leave started off from Anuradhapura and reached Omanthai to be received warmly by Major General Jagath Jayasuriya, Commander, Security Forces in Vanni and senior officers present at the venue. Minutes after they got off their National flag carrying buses, Buddhist monks, giving pride of place to religious sentiments, began chanting Seth Pirith in order to invoke blessings of the Triple Gem on the passage of those soldiers. The moment was solemn and triumphant as fluttering National and Army flags on masts added colour to the significant event. A special treat served with traditional milk rice and other sweet-meats symbolized the auspicious nature of this important event. Amidst hails of greetings and best wishes, the Jaffna bound convoy afterwards left for Jaffna.

The same ceremonial procedures were observed by their Jaffna counterparts at Palaly and Elephant Pass who commenced their south-bound journey towards Vavuniya. Commander Security Forces Jaffna Major General Mendaka Samarasinghe received them warmly at Elephant Pass where Buddhist rites were performed and the convoy was blessed reciting Seth Pirith.

Deputy Incumbent of Jaffna Sri Naga Vihara Ven. Meegahajandure Sirinivasa Thero, Ven. Dehipe Vanaratana Thero and Ven. Thalalle Dhammadeva Thero performed the religious observances at the occasion at the Elephnat Pass

Overland supplies to the troops of the tri-services in the Jaffna peninsula along this world-famous A-9 Road remained cut off for the last twenty-four years as a result of the LTTE terrorism. Forty lorries carrying troops bound for Anuradhapura and Jaffna met each other on the way this afternoon after conclusion of religious ceremonies.

Terrorists on 19th January 1985 blasted the "Yaldevi" passenger train and the rail track in Murukandi, Kilinochchi. A few years later on 13th July 1990 terrorists overran the Army detachment in Kokavil. The tactical withdrawal of the garrison from Kilinochchi area in the same year (1990) led the terrorists to be on their own as troops in Mankulam also moved out following logistics in terms of supplies and administrative matters by August 1990. The A-9 Highway was closed again after terrorists attacked the Pooneryn defences which in turn posed a threat to Elephant Pass defences in 1993.

As terrorism spread its wings in the entire Vanni sector taking political leadership for a ride from time to time, the highway remained almost dead as imposition of LTTE's illegal "taxes" and extortions escalated.

On 17th February 2002, the A-9 highway up to Kilinochchi from Omanthai was re-opened after signing the infamous Cease-fire Agreement with terrorists. The entire A-9 Highway was again re-opened completely on 8th April 2002.

As Tigers under the cover of the so-called truce systematically intensified their attacks on un-armed soldiers and civilians alike with the motive of provoking troops committed to the Agreement, the government has had no other alternative but to order the troops to act in self-defence. The situation worsened as terrorists struck a devastating blow on the troops at Muhamale Entry/Exit point. Troops countered the attacks and finally closed down the Muhamale Entry/Exit point indefinitely on 11th October 2006 as the terrorists had unilaterally exited from the Agreement.

Monday's re-opening will certainly be a big step forward in the liberation of the entire country from grips of terrorism for the sake of the next generation and the generation yet to be born in this resplendent island of ours, yours and mine.

* Alert Troops Foil Tigers' Infiltration Attempt::
[Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 00:13 am SL Time]

MULLAITTIVU: ONE MORE effort by the LTTE to infiltrate PALAMATHTHAN Army defences south of CHALAI was thwarted during small hours Monday (2) by the 55 Division troops who had already advanced about 2 km ahead of the LTTE-made earth bund pierced by the soldiers Saturday (28).

Having observed a large number of Tiger terrorists onboard at least ten Sea Tiger boats moving from the direction of the "Safe Zone" in the southeast of CHALAI, the 55 Division alerted all troops deployed along the coastal line.

As the flotilla drew closer to the shore in the dark, a barrage of artillery, mortar, Rocket Propeller Gun (RPG) and small arms fire was mounted on it forcing the Tiger boats to turn away with extensive damages.

It was on Sunday (1) that the troops who noticed a small group of Tiger terrorist infiltrators in PALAMATHTHAN cordoned the area and fired at them.

One female LTTE terrorist, in the wake of Army offensives, committed suicide detonating a suicide jacket while others went in hiding amidst continuous fire by the troops.

Search and clear operations are on in the area.

* LTTE drama on abduction of children from "Safe Zone" deprives adult's life; All three terrorists killed::
[Sunday, March 1, 2009, 11:00 pm SL Time]

Mullaittivu: An adventurous act of a Tamil adult who sacrificed his own life in defence of innocent children flocking into the "Safe Zone" declared for civilians was reported this morning (01) from MULLAITTIVU.

The drama started with the entry of three LTTE terrorists with weapons into the "Safe Zone" and attempted to abduct children for conscription to the LTTE organization which is now short of fighting cadres.

But that terrorist act was instantly objected by the displaced people at the location generating a heated argument between them and the terrorists.

The verbal tussle reached its climax when the terrorists ignored the public protest and repeatedly attempted to take some children forcibly away.

In the melee, one of the elderly men snatched the weapon of a terrorist and went on firing at those three LTTE terrorists who showed up to conscript minors who had sought safety inside the "Safe Zone".

Gun shots fired by the angry adult killed all three terrorists on the spot and the situation calmed down afterwards.

However, the senior citizen who tried himself to give protection to children also received injuries in the LTTE retaliatory fire and succumbed to injuries later on.

Several aid and relief agency workers have openly condemned the LTTE act at the venue itself and had subsequently alerted their capital-based headquarters on the gruesome incident.

It is believed the slain adult who objected to the child conscription would have been given forcible and compulsory weapon training by the LTTE before he entered the "Safe Zone" after deserting the terrorist organization.

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