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Another 800 meters remain to liberate innocent Tamil Civilians

Hilary Rajakarunanayake - Sri Lanka Editor, Asian Tribune

Colombo, 07 May, ( Army sources revealed that another 800 meters remain on the right side of the No Fire Zone to reach the point where the remaining innocent Tamil civilians are held hostages and to liberate them from the iron clutches of the LTTE .

Troops belonging to 58 Division, engaged in the world's largest hostage rescue mission operation, has captured part of the LTTE built earth bund at Karayamulliavaikkal and further advanced into the ‘No Conflict Zone’, defence sources said.

Infantrymen of 10 Gajaba Regiment who advanced towards Karayamulliavaikkal yesterday,( 6 May), have captured a part of the LTTE built earth bund by the early hours this morning, following heavy confrontation with the LTTE, defence sources added.

Military officials in the battlefront further said that LTTE desperately attempted to stop the advance march of the security forces by launching indiscriminate fire, using heavy weapons mounted in the ‘No Conflict Zone’.

In the meantime, on the right side of the Wellamulli Waikkal area, the 58th Division armed forces have dismantled the heavily mined earth bund.

Military sources also revealed that this was the last earth bund to be dismantled. Once this is done, the task of liberating the innocent Tamil civilians held hostages would be completed. This operation has been going on since last night. The 10th Gajaba regiment and the 7th Sinha regiment are assisting in this operation.

The troops have already removed the land mines and anti-personal mines littered along the earth bund by the LTTE.

Meanwhile sources said that Sri Lanka Army’s 53rd Division is advancing along the A 35 road and the 59th Division is targeting the LTTE in the Mullaitivu – Wadduwakal area.

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