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A Peaceful End To The Terrorists

A Commentary by L. Jayasooriya

The army says on its website that all hostages have now been freed and there is hardly anybody left in that area. The army is now searching for disabled and wounded civilians.

To go inside an ammunition dump and blow it up would reduce Prabhakaran and his close associates to burn out as dust in a millisecond which is far more peaceful than to suffer in pain after swallowing cyanide. It is good that it ended this way for all of humanity except for the UNP and those powerful nations who wanted to rescue Prabhakaran.

If Prabhakaran had been caught and was going to be tried for his crimes the International Community would have jointly given us never ending trouble as could be judged by their desperate actions during the last few days. Fallout from these events for the International Community is that they have pushed us closer and closer to China, Russia, Iran, Libya and even Venezuela in the very near future.

Another fall out not only for the International Community but also for the UNP is that all the peaceful Tamil civilians in the North and East have embraced the government troops and that any attempt on their part to start an Eelam will fail but the International Community has not given up. We saw how they reacted to the cancellation of the infamous CFA. They may try as hard as they could but they will fail. The more they try the more will we be drawn towards those countries mentioned above and the world order will change. It has already changed and it will never be the same again after the exposure of the International Community.

For all this we thank the greatest patriot Mahinda Rajapaksa this land has ever known because the greatest of the patriots in the past did not have to battle against the mightiest of the foreign powers as he has done and won for our country.

We will not be able to consolidate what we have gained if we do not put on trial all the traitors in this land.

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