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LTTE woman suicide bomber blew herself to prevent civilians arriving for their safety : 20 to 25 killed and 60 injured

By Ruwan Weerakoon in Colombo

Colombo, 09 February, ( As a last ditch desperate effort by the LTTE to prevent the civilians from leaving from their grip, a LTTE woman suicide cadre blew her up in the midst of the Internally Displaced People, who arrived for their safety this morning. Between 20 to 25 persons were killed and 60 wounded when the a LTTE woman suicide cadre blew herself in an Internally Displaced Peoples’ Rescue Centre located at Suthanthirapuram, North of Visvamadu today at about 11.30 AM .

It is reported that a few Army personnel including Sri Lanka Army’s women soldiers were amongst the causalities in the incident.

According to the sources in the Sri Lanka Army’s 58th Division, the LTTE female suicide cadre arrived along with civilians and when the army personnel were screening the arriving IDPs, the woman suicide bomber blew up and there were around 20 to 25 civilians killed. At the moment Military Official said death tolll might increase and they said including women and children nearly 60 civilians were wounded.

According to military sources, Army personnel immediately cordon off the area, while medical units were rushed to the site. Women and children are said to be among the many reported killed and injured in the suicide bomb blast, security sources said. Ambulances carried the wounded to the Kilinochchi hospital.

The female suicide bomber had arrived among the civilians who were seeking protection with security forces in guise. The bomber had blown herself before being screened, the reports further said.

According to the statistics provided by the Sri Lanka Army, up to yesterday (Sunday 8 February) 20,000 civilians have arrived to Government control areas thus relieving themselves from the LTTE terror grip.

A total of 4701 civilians arrived in the cleared areas on the Sunday (8).
Army sources told Asian Tribune , today, so far 896 civilians have arrived to Government control area and more are expected to arrive once the mess created by the LTTE woman suicide cadre is cleared.

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You bet there will be

You bet there will be support for the LTTE as long as they get MONEY from the LTTE reserves! The LTTE has used its vast collections of coerced and other funds to get platforms on, and support from, persons working for international organizations to project the LTTE viewpoint.
As one can see, they are continuing to receive this support even though Sri Lankans had begun to see through the veil of the LTTESupport's actions after the Lasantha killing and the UNP effort to make hay out of it So they are continuing to exploit it internationally.
Why the people working for international organizations do not see through it all, can only be for one reason MONEY/JOBS!

is there any tamils still

is there any tamils still supporting LTTE?

Would INGOs supporting the

Would INGOs supporting the LTTE say this is also the work of the Sri Lankan Army? No one can be in their right minds if they cannot see the LTTE for what they are, and keep on assigning blame on Sri Lankan authorities for atrocities committed by the LTTE. LTTE has never had any sympathy for civilians, and they are not accountable to anyone but the chief executioner Prabakaran, unlike the Sri Lankan Forces which are accoutable the goverment and the people of Sri Lanka.

"Sole representative" of the

"Sole representative" of the Tamils have no right to kill innocent Tamil civilians including women & children. They are doomed if they stay with the terrorists and they are doomed if they leave.

They started by killing the tamils and they end up doing the same. A record that will be written in the history books of the Tamils.

This is how they are utilising the money sent by Tamil Diaspora abroad.

Hope Canada and Tamilnadu in particular are listening to the news.