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Last modified on: 8/21/2008 10:09:24 AM Grip on civilians in Wanni tightened by LTTE and use of a human shield probable, fleeing civilians claim

Grip on civilians in Wanni tightened by LTTE and use of a human shield probable, fleeing civilians claim

In fear of forthcoming definite defeat at the hands of the advancing Security Forces, LTTE terror outfit has tightened its grip on the thousands of innocent civilians in Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi by not allowing them to come to liberated areas, imminently to be used as a human shield, the fleeing people claim, the latest being the revelations made by the seven members of the family and the novice pastor of the Anglican Church in Sri Lanka who sought protection with the Navy, arriving at the Kallarawa fishing marshalling point by a fiberglass dinghy fitted with 15 horse power outboard motor from Chilawattai in Mullaittivu around 0030 hrs, today - 20th August.

The group comprised of the seven member family of the father, 47 years, the mother, 37 years, three sons, 10, 16, and 18 years, the two daughters, 15 and 17 years and the novice pastor of the Anglican Church, 19 years, who is related to the family.

The family had been living in Mullaittivu right from the beginning of their lives with a substantial income, as the father was a businessman owning four fishing craft out of which two had been robbed by the LTTE cadres; and the novice pastor had been living in Mullaittvu as a part of his novice life, though his parents lived in Jaffna.

Fled due to enormous unbearable threats to their lives, forceful conscription and many other hardships created due to violence perpetrated by LTTE cadres, the members of group further stated that there are innumerable number of people in the un-liberated areas desperately aspiring to flee the clutches of LTTE, and there exists a possibility of using these people as a human shield against the advancing troops.

Yet, the terror organization has been insisting that at least one child from each family be handed over to them.

The father and mother said that they want to lead a calm and quiet life by giving their children good education, and they fled the terror reign placing trust on the government, the security forces and the people living in the other parts of the country.

Courtesy - SL Navy


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