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LTTE’s two failed attempts to assassinate President Mahinda Rajapaksa unraveled

Hilary Rajakarunanayake, Editor – Sri Lanka, Asian Tribune

Colombo, 29 May, ( Intense questioning ofMahinda RajapaksaMahinda Rajapaksa a certain Sri Lanka Army Lieutenant Colonel now under custody of the Army Intelligence Unit has revealed that an attempt was made to attack the helicopter in which President Mahinda Rajapaksa travelled to attend the passing out function at the Diyatalawa Army complex on December 20 last year.

The Lt. Col. had confessed that he had personally transported a LTTE suicide bomber from Colombo to the Diyatalawa Army camp with his suicide gear, and that the suicide bomber had managed to enter the Army camp at Diyatalawa on that day.

Apart from this, the same Lt. Col. had transported another suicide bomber to the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH) on April 4th when the President attended the ‘Dayata Kirula’ Exhibition held there. The suicide bomber had managed to enter the premises.

Both attempts at the life of President Mahinda Rajapaksa by the LTTE had failed due to the very efficient security set up of the Presidential Security Division, he stated.

The LTTE had paid him a sum of Rupees 34 lakhs, for his roles in the assassination attempts, from which he had purchased a car for his wife for 10 lakhs and the balance 14 lakhs was found in his brief case. A weapon given to the Lt. Col. was also confiscated by the Army Intelligence Unit.

Further questioning of this Lt. Col. is proceeding, said a top Army Intelligence Unit official.

- Asian Tribune -

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