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Last modified on: 5/3/2008 5:52:24 PM<% on Error Resume Next Response.Expires = 0 %> LTTE starves Wanni people: Food looted for 'combat rations'

LTTE starves Wanni people: Food looted for 'combat rations' [Updated]

A startling revelation, of how the LTTE uses food meant for civilians in the Wanni to feed its own cadres, was made recently when troops trailed through canned and pre-cooked meal packets found in the Northern and Wanni battle front left by the fleeing LTTE.

According to reports received, the canned and pre-cooked meals were prepared specially for the LTTE fighting units in factories located in the LTTE 'no-go' zones in Mullaitivu and Kilinochchi districts. These pre-cooked meal packets were made from food rations meant for people, especially those displaced in the non-liberated areas. "Food provisions sent by local and international organizations as 'humanitarian aid' are looted by the LTTE after they pass through the Omanthai/Entry Exit point, and sent in bulk to these 'food factories' in Wanni, well informed sources said.

During the period of the so-called ceasefire, containers with large stocks of empty cans were detected by military, entering the non-liberated Wanni region through the Omanthai/Entry exit point. It is now evident these consignments were meant for the LTTE's food factories running on looted food meant for civilians, as found by troops during recent clearing operations in the Wanni front area. There is reliable information that during the CFA period, in one instance alone, a consignment of over 30,000 empty meal cans was sent to the non-liberated areas.

The funds to establish these factories were raised mainly through the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), and other pro-LTTE front organizations, hoodwinking the international community. Large sums were collected through extortion from Tamil expatriates. The TRO has also been engaged in organizing cultural and welfare events to provide sufficient funding for the terrorist group, including the setting up of these food factories for its fighting cadres, at the cost of civilians, it is learned.

What we are highly disturbed is that the LTTE shows no true concerns over the hundreds of innocent people who are been affected due to lack of sufficient food supplies. Food supplies sent to these non-liberated areas will be continuously looted by LTTE until the government and other aid agencies draws some new alternative ways. The Tamil people are suffering at large under the LTTE tyranny, and we pledge the government and international community to address this looming humanitarian issue, a local aid worker was quoted speaking to our Wanni defence correspondent.

The LTTE that claims to be the 'sole representative of Tamils' is now found piling more hardships on the lives of innocent people in Wanni, by looting the food sent to them by the Government and foreign organizations, and channelling it to feed its fighters. As food prices rise and the allocations for food aid to Sri Lanka is reduced by UN and other international agencies, the Tamil people of the Wanni will be faced with even more hardship due to this LTTE policy of grabbing the food meant for them for its own use.



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