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LTTE kills another six innocent farmer- civilians at Buttala

By Ravi Ladduwahetty- Sri Lanka Editor – Asian Tribune

Colombo, 13 April, ( The desperate, battered and bruised LTTE which is clutching its last straws in the No Fire Zone, is continuing its carnage of innocent villagers and the latest attack on unarmed farmer families came at around 7 pm today when it shot dead six civilians in Mahagodayaya village in Buttala.

The LTTE opened fire and killed two men, two women and two children and injuring another two. The area of the attack is on the Badulla Moneragala Road.

The attack came at around 7 pm and there was a special Police Team comprising Buttala OIC S.M.B. Tennakoon and 40 members who had been deployed to the scene of the crime and they have not returned, Buttala Police Asian Tribune.

The place of the attack was a village which was covered by dense jungle, Buttala Police said.

Meanwhile, Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Ranjith Gunasekera said that there was a joint cordon and search operation in the area by the three Armed Forces and the Police and that evidence pointed out that four LTTE cadres were involved in the attack.

"They will be caught soon", he said.

- Asian Tribune -

Easy said than done,


Easy said than done, freinds!. Whilst SL armemed forces (Weerodara Ranaviruwoe) are wipping terrorists from Mulathive, Pudukurippu etc., what about the armes they already have smuggled ino Buththala etc. dring the cease fire days. We see every day on SL News, the arms they have burried in the Wanni. Although the Terrorists can not smuggle any more weapons to the South now, bypassing all those check points all the way down, how many more Mines, Sucide Belts, T56 rifles etc. they might have buried in jungles in the South.

The Army & Police can not dig & search every square inch of SL, however small it is. The attacks also might surface anywhere in SL. We can only hope (Telepathy) & Pray (Positive Thoughts) that the Terrorists will exhaust all their weapons in the South in the near future, as it is happening already in the North. Gamini

The Sri Lankan Nations


The Sri Lankan Nations National efforts should be directed at the single most important factor i.e. annihilation and destroying of all LTTE Terrorist and its sympathizers from Sri Lankan soil without further delay. This noble task and requirement should not be stopped or hindered due to any inside or outside threat or pressure whether diplomatic or otherwise. There are enough and more evidence and examples to prove how brutal, murderous, cowardly and dishonest bunch of Terrorist group the LTTE is especially during the period of ceasefire. Any attempt at this juncture to give a breathing space to LTTE by means of a Truce (a new definition is required for the one called Humanitarian Truce) Negotiations, Cessations of Hostilities or Pause in Fighting will facilitate the Tamil Terrorist LTTE to take the lives of innocent Sri Lankans especially the lives of those poor and helpless Sri Lankan Sinhalese the world (so called International Community largely based on Westerners and some EU countries) do not care, worried or give a damn about. All Sri Lankans at this juncture must come together and say in one voice to destroy till the last LTTE Terrorist who holds arms against the People of Sri Lanka. This is our dignified right that not even a fool can deny. Thos who calls us to negotiate for a Truce( Humanitarian or otherwise), Cessations of Hostilities or Pause in Fighting with LTTE Terrorist are traitors, enemies of and shameful conspirators against the people of Sri Lanka especially the Sinhalese and helpless Tamil People kept as hostage and as a human shield by the LTTE Terrorists. Unfortunately like many times before all those INGOs, NGOs, Human Right Vultures interested in Sri Lanka ( HRW, AI others alike) will not utter a single word against this brutal killings by the LTTE Terrorist or condemn it at least whilst media culprits and LTTE Terrorist sympathetic BBC and others alike will pretend to be not heard of this inhuman and cowardly act of Tamil Tiger Terrorist. However they will still broadcast footage of Multi Barrel Rocket launch and Heavy Artillery Barrage directed at LTTE targets whilst saying that the Sri Lankan Armed forces agreed for a Truce! How pathetic misleading and pity are you BBC? Begging in the streets is better and more dignified than this rather waiting to be paid by the LTTE Terrorist bloody money( collected form Diaspora community and illegal methods to include narcotic, money laundering, gun running and human smuggling to name a few) for a piece of falls and hateful news and propaganda against the government of Sri Lanka. We have all the rights to live like a dignified nation on this planet and for that the most important thing and the first thing we have to ensure is the destruction of all the Tamil Terrorist without further delay! My deepest condolence for those who became victim to LTTE terrorism but the best justice we could do to them and many like them before is by eliminating Tamil Terrorism from our beloved motherland forever!


This is one more reason why


This is one more reason why terrorism should be uprooted from Sri Lanka. There is no reason for the peace-loving Tamils to be worried. The fight is against terrorists and not ordinary civilians of any ethnic background.

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